Chess Openings: The Queen’s Gambit

The Queen’s Gambit is one of the most popular openings in chess and is used by many of the top chess players around the world. It is easy to play with lot of variations for creativity. I hope that the insight and analysis gives you a better understanding of the opening and what to look for when you play.

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  1. This sounds like a great move, Netflix should tell more people about it by making a show.

  2. 5:53 You say that you never want to close in your bishops, but you closed in your bishop yourself by pushing pawn to e3 as white here 1:48, effectively closing in your black squared bishop. Also, what if black moves bishop to d7 here 2:30?

  3. 6:43 what if black moves to c4 do we do the same thing (move pawn to e2 and counter with bishop)

  4. I'm gonna learn a bunch of these while I get better to drive my brother mad because he's a chess sweat.

  5. Ohh my god…
    I am watching this after 13yrs…🙃

  6. Black can play the bishop to e6 to protect the pawn !

  7. God loves you so much get too know him before it's too late ❤️❤️

  8. Im learning and thanks for the video, but 7:30 why not just black move ph6 and later pg5? That is what usually happens in my 800 level games…

  9. สายทอง บุญประคม says:

    Lessons learned and hopefully kept.

  10. So on that accepted line, you end up with a bad bishop as white? What are the plans for that? Lol

  11. I will queens gambit the next time I play usually I move the two pawns ♟️ in front of Queen and king respectively but c4 seems a good idea maybe catch my opponent off guard I’ll really laugh If he tries to protect his pawn like what was discussed

  12. Man Netflix sure Should make a show about this move 😂

  13. This video is so good they made a show about it

  14. Tue break down was so smooth that I didn't even notice the 8 mins fly lol. Thanks! 😁

  15. after black takes the pawn on c4 why don't we move the e pawn to e4 instead of e3

  16. My kids love watching you’re channel. They are going to start posting some of their chess games on this channel. They’d love your feedback

  17. Gosh queens gambit is yrily scarier than i thought

  18. can’t black do en passant on his 3rd move? please help i’m new to this

  19. D-5 pawn is Free before moving the knight to B-4, so I would've took the pawn as black and I control center

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