Chess Mod in Among Us

We try and escape a Chess Mod in Among Us

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  1. At 1:53, I love the way Zud was begging
    It was his tone and how hard he did it

  2. Zud after the last fight: let me kiss your toes mua mua 😂

  3. Make more of these videos they’re really good

  4. Sleepy mod idea: Crewmates have had a long day of doing task and faking keys and just want to go home and sleep. The imposter wants to force them to stay awake permanently. Similar idea to the fat/tall mods from way back when, crewmates do tasks while lowering their sleepy bar by drinking milk, counting sheep, and listening to quiet music before returning to spawn and falling asleep. The imposter uses alarm clocks, coffee, and roosters to raise crewmates' sleepy bars before being able to force them to stay awake (rd. kill).

  5. Idea for a mod: The blender mod you can use those blender spinners to spin and kill players and you can do trapped in those blenders

  6. When you said everybody pawn that like button I just started laughing so hard

  7. Based upgrades tbh, knights better than bishop
    Oh wait a bishop has less health than a knight i was wrong

  8. SSundee is the king of amongus cuz hes so smart like everyone is just dying and SSundee is just chillin 😂😂😂

  9. Hey why americans dont play chess?

    Cuz they lost 2 towers🥁

  10. pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo👗👗👗👗👗

  11. Why is Henry not in any of the videos anymore?

  12. Bro,
    Your Soliders Are Only Knights
    They Can Skip To Queen

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