Chess Memes #66 | When Pawn Tricks Everyone

Chess Memes #66 | When Pawn Tricks Everyone
Luv u guys


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  1. Today on Chess news report of a fucking king dying

  2. Call black king stupid means war Me: 👁👄👁😗

  3. pawn: useful and useless
    bishop: the victim and dumb and simp
    king: leader
    queen: sub-leader and dominant
    rook: faithful and loyal
    knight: same as rook

  4. 3:32
    White Pf3 ruins the plan, the bishop is protecting that pawn

  5. 3:46 ok, bishop called him king instead of sire?

  6. The pieces are getting smarter😮😮😮😮

  7. 4:07 I think the Knight could have moved do H2 instead of E3 cause like then it wouldn't have died and it would have been defending the Bishop.
    Also, At 5:37, the Black Rook could have moved to B4 to be defended
    I notice things Like and reply if you've found anything else I didn't see and if you agree with with me

  8. i say the holy nummmmber

    70:) hate me now

  9. Love your videos but found a mistake at 4:24 you said you need to free the rook when it’s a bishop

  10. He could have ki!! Ed the room at the end the room didn't have any protection💀

  11. "we gotta break open the center and free this rook" 💀

    Edit: At 4:21

  12. poor pawn had to go through a ritual of cutting his thingy

  13. "do you think they use our war as entertainment in some random YouTube channel"
    "Your stupid"
    "This means war"

    That got me a lot.

  14. He said free this rook but he show the bishop instead

  15. Bruh the bishop should have killed the pawn

  16. Black king said “we need to break open the center and free the rook” but its a bishop

  17. ♥︎𝚂𝚝𝚊𝚢𝚂𝙺𝚉𝚘𝚘♥︎ says:

    "we r 3 episodes away from the holy number" got me dyiing on the floor 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. How each games starts white”your stupid”😂😂😂

  19. White could have checkmated in 3 moves after the first too pawns move then move the white bishop to check the king and he can’t go anywhere so it’s checkmate

  20. The reason why I love chess is because it helped me think smarter and solving the skills.

  21. What Is the I will cut my thingy? What is the 'Thingy'???????????????????????????

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