Chess Memes #54 | When You Think It’s a Checkmate

Chess Memes #54 | When You Think It’s a Checkmate



Luv u guys

If you’re looking to learn how to play chess and improve your Elo rating – watch out – this video might make you lose brain cells!

We have the best chess memes compilations to give you your daily dose of chess. We’ve got chess memes, blunders, and checkmates in our chess commentary.

We love chess memes, and we make these chess videos for you whether you’re a noob, pro, casual player, or the best in your friend group. Here to make you laugh 🙂 and to mail you a free cookie when you subscribe.


  1. i want to join the discord but don't think my mom will let me also i learned the f word from you

  2. New episode idea, demonstrated at 1:10: When the queen forgets she is protected

  3. So back when I was in highschool we had a chess team I remember participating in a tournament and the person I was playing against got super pissed because he thought he checkmated me and pretty much through the game

  4. you should push the pawn

    pawn: yes push me harder

  5. White is stupid he could have taken revenge on black Queen with the knight

  6. man literally called queen a man when Frist light died early game

  7. 2:27 Why didn't white move the queen to e2? That would protect the pawn on b2, the knight on f3, and ensure the king's castle stays secure. Even if black moved the bishop to h2, and the knight takes the bishop, the queen would be protecting the pawn that was behind the knight.

  8. It’s so weird why he called the queen a male.

  9. Didn’t know the black king was so L to the A to the M to the E

  10. The position in the title isn't even possible

  11. The chess game should be draw see from 5:35 to 5:42

    sorry if i am wrong bcz i am not too good at chess

  12. I think its funny that at 1:19 the king actually cared about the bishop

  13. Another blunder is that queen could have gotten checkmate

  14. Whenever me and my friends play chess we do the last bit where the king is trapped in a single file and we transform all of the pawns that are left into queens

  15. My dad is terrible because instead of just checkmating me he always has to go and get like five queens.

  16. "I will destroy you queen attack him pawn" wait is a HIM?!

  17. The fact he said I hate memes is the funny thing when he is in a meme HAHAHAHAHAHHAHABABAHAHAHAHAHAH

  18. you hate memes, but why are you making memes

  19. did anyone notice when black king said attack that defensless pawn it was protected by the bishop

  20. Hi I tried to go in your group but instead I went to mine which it has no one how did I get in now ;-;

  21. 1:03

    White Queen: Don't worry pawn, I got you.
    Bishop: takes lmao, and my queen got me.
    White Queen: takes lmao, and now my bishop got me.
    Black Queen: f**k

  22. 1:00 bishop, attack that DEFEN CUH LESS pawn🤣🙂😂😂

  23. Try playing chess but without bishops 😂😂😂

  24. 1:00 it wasn’t a defenceless pawn because it was protected by the bishop

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