Chess lesson : fast development of the chess pieces

Chess lesson on opening strategy from Aleksey Bartashnikovs course , Chess strategy for beginners and intermediates.


  1. i like the way u teach in this video can u teach me please id love to learn better n i love the game but no1 to help me

  2. well sir im not right now I just don't know what to study, n if u would make a some videos I would learn n comprehend more than reading a book cause I gotta  a few books n just get nothing outta them, so can u make mwe some videos please n help me  to ill be ur buddy, raly im ok I reckon I get discourage because lower rated players beat me a lot 2 even, I think that im ok then again I don't know what im doing can u help me not make so many stupid mistakes n drill in my head.

  3. This is very well done, Robbie — thank you very much for making it.

  4. the move by the black queen at 8:40 was really unwise.
    The white bishop was pinned by the queen.
    So why didn't he simply take a free knight?
    can someone explain why he didn't do it?

  5. why didnt black take whites horse with bishop anycrap

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