chess king sacrifice

Credits to: Chessbase India


  1. 'we need some sacrifice to success '. -yussof

  2. This is the bold endgame that's not anywhere, king pawn vs pawn endgame!

  3. For those who dont know why he did this, he had 2 seconds left on his timer, and so played an illegal move which had to be redone, effectively giving him more time to think about what he wanted to do next.

  4. Ang he sacrificesssssssss THE RULE

  5. I am aware of the "Botez Gambit" of sacking your queen… but this looks more like a "Bozo Gambit" to see if your opponent is a bozo, and if he/she is not, then YOU become the bozo, hahaha.

    And Wow! over 36M views! people LOVE this stuff!

  6. Fun fact:
    This could have been a draw since the king can keep moving to protect the pawn and the black king can’t reach in time since the pawn is blocking the horizontal way so yeah

  7. This is actually a brilliant king sacrifice. He played it so Hikaru would be confuse for 10 seconds and loses on time

  8. At this moment he sacrificed THE KINGGGGG

  9. Bro the entire chat is just sun tzu quotes😂

  10. It's not an illegal move. That King identifies itself as a Queen..

  11. I don't really understand. Please help me understand

  12. GothamChess: And at this moment he sacrifices… THE KING!!!

  13. gothamchess:
    and then he sacrificed…

    THE KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. someone should make a animation or video of this situation irl

  15. If you sacrifice the king you don't have to protect him anymore 😌
    Intelligence at its peak

  16. What if they were up a rank to where the two kings were in the center white squares?

  17. They say Magnus is the champion, but I ain’t seen him pull of a king sac yet like this chad.

  18. I love how Hikaru was clearly confused about what he should do.

  19. Bold strategy, we'll see if it pays off

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