Chess in a Nutshell

Want to know how to play chess? From the basics of Chess, to the tactics and rules, as well as the recent Twitch Pogchamps Tournament and, we explore the game that is chess. Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a checkered board with 64 squares arranged in an 8×8 square grid.

don’t take this seriously.



outro song by Jachael123.



  1. My favorite chess meme is the one with the United States VS. England and England is missing the queen and the U.S. is missing the rooks (towers).

  2. “Kill queen with a horse” hits hard now

  3. Dam that short got me questioning life
    Sees this video thumbnail
    What the fuck is this, count me in

  4. You could just open two tabs at once play as black on the tab that has a player as for the other play as white on the hardest difficulty whit a bot. Whatever the enemy player plays you play as white and you play what the AI plays as black. Cheatcode unlocked.

  5. My parents will still say that checkers are better

  6. Just looking at the title thats how Americans think of chess

  7. that king in the thumbnail is getting mated by so many queens

  8. You don’t even have 1 trillion subscribers

  9. I thought i was good at chess untill i lost to someone with an elo of 1

  10. showing indian map correctly 👍👍 Now say "Jai Shree Ram" and now you're a chess pro

  11. Ai yo I also learned chess wen I was 10 btw I’m 10

  12. 😂rook = castle bastard cracked me up

  13. In the thumbnail white actually wins because black had no king

  14. whho is magnus carlos i only know mingung kirlongs

  15. well in the thumbnail, white won because, black didn't have a king…

  16. Battle of the century a chess match of a indian person vrs Magnus carlson

  17. me who is an Indian realizing why i dont loose much

  18. Taublun NEO The Bubble Dragon (TauTheCreator) says:

    The Queen Can move….


  19. Now what you saw is the good Magnus Carlson, whenever he is not at a tournament, he looks like a slouched caveman with a huge underbite.

  20. Great Video.. That about sums up what I have been experiencing learning chess lol… but no matter how bad I am it is so fun!!!

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