’s WORST Bug

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  1. He really flipped from "false respect" to "worked his life to get this title" on a dime.

  2. My dude, so funny, Btw you in cental washington, I have a place for you to stay, never gonna come up, but just know it, levi and friends always welcome in my cardboard box of an apartment

  3. My dad watches you a lot and now so do I I love your vids

  4. The bug agreed with levi and decided to change the title
    Edit: OMG I just got a notification after 1 month thank you all SO MUCH

  5. Gotham really turned into Obito and then into New York Obito

  6. Levy will never be GM , not enough skills

  7. I was half expecting Levy to throw and blame it on a bug.

  8. GM just means you beat a few Grandmasters no?

  9. Bro bought the grandmaster title 💀

  10. as a runescape player this programming issue is easy.
    just log out and hiscores refreshes.

  11. Love it when Levy gets so triggered by this. He’s a GM of YouTube at least. Preferable to most people, surely.

  12. i turned it from "👍like" into "👍7 thousand" i feel so important

  13. Funny how he goes from “pfff stupid little meaningless G” to “this guy worked his whole life for the title” in a second 😂

  14. I always wondered what gm stood for!

  15. what would gotham have to do to become a GM?

  16. when you are about 2831, you become gm
    thats the fact

  17. plot twist: opponent is actually IM and the bug shows him as a GM…

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