’s WORST Bug

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  1. The waffle house has found its new host

  2. The Waffle House had found it's new host

  3. The waffle house has found its new host

  4. the waffle house has found its new host

  5. but you didnt even explain how hes a gm and your an im

  6. It’s how he contradicts himself for me😂

  7. Why is nobody talking about how this so called “GM” is from Mongolia? Forgotten country surprised there is a high level player.

  8. ig there is a higher rated gm in our country

  9. The worst glitch in the whole game is when justice it freezes

  10. wait i know that country Wait i live in that country

  11. "Why am i so close in ELO but one is in GM and the other is in IM?"
    "Because GM = IM apparently"

  12. Worst Bug….. Thats like a feature in League of Legends…

  13. Yooo there's another mongolian like me!

  14. Geographical Master…. Or just a fancy International in disguise

  15. imma be honest, i know 2 mongolians, genghis khan and virgo 15

  16. global… international… Grand… Great… whats the difference!?

  17. What is the game of this chess in store

  18. broooo a mongolian in chess??? never seen that before

  19. "This guy worked his whole life for this title and now you're making him the same as me?" Self destruct 200 💀

  20. Let’s go Virgo is a proud Mongolian 🇲🇳

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