Chess, But You Can Upgrade Your Pieces! – Ouroboros King

Ouroboros King Part 1 – an incredibly well-made chess roguelike that takes the best parts of chess and improves them with unique pieces and upgrades. There’s been a lot of good chess-likes lately, and I’m here for it!
Edited by: Dan White

#aliensrock #chess #chessgame

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  1. From 2024 the fool does the same as the fool on Balatro

  2. No no. He moved vertically down twice and was moved there because of the portal's effect.
    He cant move diagonally

  3. 9:10 You missed a pin which would lead to victory after the king moves then you capture.

  4. Finally, after 500 years of waiting, the game got an update!!

  5. Can you imagine Oroboros King running on a “Battle Chess” engine?

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