Chess, But You Can Upgrade Your Pieces! – Ouroboros King

Ouroboros King Part 1 – an incredibly well-made chess roguelike that takes the best parts of chess and improves them with unique pieces and upgrades. There’s been a lot of good chess-likes lately, and I’m here for it!
Edited by: Dan White

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  1. There’s a somewhat similar game called pawnbarian on iOS and it’s really good

  2. I played this but am better than him even tho am not a YouTuber._.

  3. If chess is made by 21st century nibbas

  4. Who'd win?
    3 boss beings
    A very pissed off castle

  5. Bro….what… the demo version it plays the best move every time and it’s so much more relaxed in this

  6. JELLY DA TWAIN18#camman and jelly bean=BEST ARMY'S says:

    Very interesting

  7. This is an actual think actualy. XD

    And there is also Chess 2.0 tho.

    All of that things are in a game named 'Shogi'.. Japanese chess. Theres pieces has named 'Gold' and 'Silver' and they are like king but with less capable of moving style. And also you have spear that goo brrr like a rook, but can just go right ahead. there is no any right, left of back for it.

    Oh and if you can reach the enemy side (3 lines) you can upgrade your specific stones and they can has more movement capacity. Like, rooks have the right to go one unit diagonally. Bishops can go one unit sides front and back etc.

  8. At the end it said "this was a tough battle" yet it was probably the easiest battle of the whole game 💀😂

  9. this explains a lot about why chatGPT makes so many illegal moves

  10. Is there some kinda sandbox mode? Because I’d like that

  11. Please try the blade dancer plus the king's seal.

  12. Thanks for the videos! Really enjoying your playlists!

  13. FINALLY CHESS 2 HAS COME OUT AFTER MORE THAN 13 CENTURIES!!!1!!1!1!111 (1300 years)

  14. A Mounted King is a Fairy Chess General. 🤓


  16. How do i get this game, and does it work on mobile

  17. I love chess I think i would like to check that game.

  18. Cool to see this played by someone who's actually good at it.

  19. Imagine a chess pro walks in on you watching this and get confused when he sees a rook move diagonally

  20. I get me thinking now
    Chess has various ways to be played
    So how could be chess + cards?

  21. Every video I watch makes me appreciate your editor more and more.

  22. There is no check or checkmate. Instead capture all oponents pieces except the king or capture the king.

  23. What’s the name of that game(i know it’s chess) but I’m asking what’s the name of that game still..

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