Chess 102, How to Win Out of the Opening

Hikaru plays a beginner’s viewer arena and explains his step by step process on playing against people your level.


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  1. First opponent played extremely well for a 500

  2. Yek do se char panj shish haft hasht noh dah😂😂

  3. If u dont no who tiger woods is u need 2 watch more shiddy corporate american tv and become a dumb brainwashed bootlicker liek me :(((

  4. Hikaru's chess is so badass, his level is the most bloodthirsty murderous cadre of moves. Compare that to my moves that are weird and bad like celebrating Easter with an anthropomorphic slug who only speaks Russian and he lives in a dirt tunnel and all his food is like Jabba the Hutt food even though you weren't necessarily looking forward to deviled eggs at least it's better than watching a slug feasting upon frogs and garbage

  5. I was just wondering in this day and age of online chess. How many people have actually only played like maybe 10 OTB games in their lifetime, but are rated over say 1800+? Hey Brennan if you're reading this. Sup Dude!

  6. 7:02 Hikaru counting 1 to 10 in hindi😳 ❤️ love from india ❤️❤️

  7. Bro why do you upload your twitch stream videos here, make some effort like levy for only YouTube video, then you might get views 🙄

  8. Hikaru. Finance focused videos with chess in the background PLS do it. Or even a new channel dedicated for finance talks

  9. 🇮🇹 di per sé sentire Hikaru che parla nella nostra lingua mi ha gasato, ma per di più alludendo a quanto la nostra classe politica faccia schifo…top ❤

  10. Wait what's this about very few top chess players drive a car? 37:30 why ??

  11. Hikaru casually flexing his multilingual ability. 💪🏽

  12. I feel sorry for all of those who played against you knowing they didn't even have a chance of winning 😅😂

  13. I like your face reaction when your playing chess. Especially while you review moves in your mind 🤩

  14. any italians here? rate hikarus italian please

  15. 8:48 Anyone who followed Norway Chess 2023 knows whats up 😅

  16. Calling knight a horse in itself is disrespectful 😂

  17. Hikaru, what's so annoying about being black? Just curious.. ;P

  18. how many languages does hikaru speak? i'd like to see him speaking japanese

  19. What days does Hikaru do this kind of content?

  20. "Shi" for four is a homonym for death. "Ku" for nine is a homonym for suffering. I had a product manager in the UK who wanted to call a product the "949". I had to tell him it wouldn't be a good name because it could imply that you will suffer, then die, then suffer again. "Yattsu" or "Hachi", both meaning "eight" is auspicious since the character is shaped like mount Fuji (八), Seven is also auspicious as there are 7 gods of good fortune. So we named the product the "878". But we called it in Japanese the "hachi-nana-hachi" where hachi is the Sino-Japanese pronunciation and nana is the indigenous Japanese pronunciation, because, as Hikaru mentions, "shichi" for seven is not as euphonic as "nana". Substituting indigenous Japanese pronunciation for Sino-Japanese pronunciation when reading numbers out loud is rather common, but it means you have to remember a number of ways of counting.

  21. “A fried Fabiano” referring to Norway chess 😂

  22. Hikaru- plays the Caro," this is beginner level"
    Levy- "the Caro is my favorite opening"

  23. You know when he started laughing round 43:00 it was people being weird about the "juicy pawn" lolllllll

  24. What about 1800 level openings? I stuggle against the grand prix, wing gambit and queens gambit as black and the modern as white. Recommendations?

  25. In his game against the 1932 rated played why was he so confident he could push his outside passed pawn. The opponeent has a rook and in lower elo against a 500 that pawn would be taken.

  26. 35:48 could you imagine playing chess as your in-flight entertainment and having Hikaru be your opponent

  27. Why with Hikaru chess looks so easy 😅

  28. These educational-format videos are very helpful! Please keep them coming. 😊

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