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How to checkmate in 2 moves


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  2. Why does the best Player in the world(Hans Nieman) not use this opening? 2 Move checkmate is pretty Solid

  3. now i have to force someone the play f3 g4

  4. Can anybody tell me what is check mate

  5. Did this ones against my dad when i was like 7 maybe, we loved playing chess. Will always remember that moment. But he still made me 7-2

  6. Okay but did he or did he not open up his bishop

  7. Did this once and still remembered it to this day

  8. I like he just uploaded in 1 month ago so latest comments pop out of here

  9. Bro what about the Bishop he cauld defend king from queen

  10. You've must be worse than a noob to make an opening like this.

  11. The only way this couldn't be mate is if white moved H2 to H4 than when the queen killed the pawn white's rook could catch black's queen

  12. Why would someone ever open a game like that? 😂

  13. wow knight to c6 was a brilliant move, forcing mate in 3!

  14. The white king is not on the correct side of the queen fake video!!!! Nice try!!!

  15. Nobody would ever let this happen to them because nobody that knows the pawn can move 2 squares up is this bad lol

  16. Bro he can safe himself with the help of horse

  17. And then after you kill queen the king kill you

  18. I do this to my friends and borther😂I win my brother By copy your move

  19. My brother was like whatttt😂and my brother was sus

  20. Now I must find someone who doesn’t know how to play chess

  21. It will only work on beginners and noob not on majority players

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