Castling | How to Play Chess

When can you move two pieces in a game of chess? Only when castling! Learn this special move of the king and rook in our latest chess lesson!

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  1. Короткая рокировка-little castlingДлинная рокировка-big castling?

  2. I didn't know u could castle to the long side rook!

  3. I have no clue why I can’t learn this my son was so good. He died and I have been so trying to learn. I just keep losing.maybe my head not right. But so frustrating why I am not understanding

  4. The Castling Rule™️ amazes me.
    It’s a relatively new rule. Who decided this rule change? And how did they get the entire world to go along with it?

  5. You broke your own rules by moving your king through check…?

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