Carlsen Breaks Every Rule Then Wins In 28 Moves

Magnus Carlsen Breaks Every Rule Then Wins In 28 Moves With A Chess Masterpiece on the board against Ian Nepomniatchtchi. This is the Speed chess championship 2023, Magnus Carlsen playing black and playing more opening chess trash! More epic chess follows though and then a stunning chess combination to finish the game by Magnus Carlsen.

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  1. Lol, the AI is learning so much from me. He faces it, and it makes moves I would, SO THEY MUST BE GOOD. lol At the very least, he understands the idea of challenging theory. Creativity over theory.

  2. I really appreciate the effort of editing in the live commentary, it’s cool to see all their minds blown by the moves

  3. Even after Magnus' Qb6 I had to wait for your analysis to know what it actually achieved as I thought he was still lost. I guess that's why I'm a sub 2k elo plonker.

  4. You know the crazy part? we got an anti social World Champion that doesnt feel like playing, then this guy rewrites chess and FIDE doesn't listen to his suggestions for change.

  5. Magnis is to chess, what Einstein was to science. Thinking out of the boxes.

  6. Magnus is getting these games out of any memorized lines and then just chess ability is used. He has the advantage.

  7. The Magnus smiling in the sunglasses picture is probably my favorite picture ever

  8. Th people Magnus does this to could beat me drunk while holding a conversation about other games they've played. The chasm is wild.

  9. You can't review the game without putting dumb sheet in? WT..f I have been watching Epic for years and I am done with this , I will find a reviewer that does not keep throwing nonsense in front of my face while I am tryign to watch a review. people pay extra to make sure there are no bull commercials from the viewers goal of watching what they chose to watch, then you decide that you are gonna dumb up the process and throw junk in your viewers faces. Cya next Tuesday.

  10. I love that you inserted some live commentary into this review. It shows that even the best players have trouble guessing the next move by Magnus. Thankyou for bringing these breathtaking games alive.

  11. James, listen, it really breaks Russian ear to hear how you pronounce “Alekhine”. Please research pronunciation of the one of the greatest chess players of all times, who took the crown from the great Capablanca. Let me help a little. It should sound closer to “Alyohin”, stress on a second syllable. OK? Please, do that, and help to educate the rest of the English speaking audience. Believe me when I say, butchering great man’s name is a real travesty and disrespect perpetrated on the memory of the greatly revered in his motherland, Russian world champion.

  12. Magnus proving how much better of a chess player than the rest of the world he is -by constantly choosing suboptimal openings to get out of known theory quickly, and rely only on your skills, not your knowledge.

  13. Qb6 is genius! Wonder if he saw all that in advance!

  14. This video made me think "Maybe my king is safer than I think in a lot of circumstances", then I immediately realised how stupid an idea it was to think I can Magnus my king around 😀

  15. Commentators have problems spotting what Magnus diacovered in few seconds of play…and most of US (me included of course) have no idea what actually happened here😂

  16. Keep Magnus games coming. I enjoyed this one a lot.

  17. Magnus had almost 1minute 2/3 into the game.. He's practicing here basically. You can't beat him with such odds

  18. Wow he plays the same opening i played😂

  19. Fewer spoilers in the titles please . Otherwise great work!

  20. Magnus carlsen is playing on another level.nepo is top 5 in world and carlsen destoyed him. My observation is magnus has simple formula. Took your opponent out of the theory in opening as soon as possible and then play simple and good moves one after another. If opponent find the right moves the game is on but one wrong move and PRESSURE intensify too much and time factor also help and second wrong move and then you can simple but so effective plan . What other people say

  21. Its time to change his name to Magnus Trollsen.

  22. Can someone explain me this: why promote a pawn to a bishop or a rook if u can pick a queen? I can see it making a difference in that u could purposefully not check the king ? Just a thought. Who even ever does it?

  23. "Nepomniachtchi" Pronunciation: Nepomnitchi. According to himself. 😉

  24. I got confused. Moves where not by the players, but the commentator. Not interested in watching anymore.

  25. Just have to love Magnus for his chess! He is „the other magician“ of chess!

  26. Great vid EC! Thanks! And cheers!

  27. Sometimes waiting moves are correct. It's as if Magnus has realized we can play early wait moves to see what our opponent has planned.

  28. Great examples of why Magnus no longer likes Classical chess. Playing these openings in classical leads to losses but in blitz it unnerves his opponents.

  29. Can we stop proclaiming him the GOAT. He's the best of THIS era. Put Fischer, Kasparov, Lasker or Morphy in this era, with the engines as a crutch, and there is no way he's definitively the best. The great thing about chess is it's impossible to declare someone the best ever. Chess has too many variables for such reductive thinking.

  30. It's not what magnus does, rather, it's how his opponent doesn't capitalize on the advantage they are given and throws their lead.

  31. There is no such thing as bad opening when Magnus plays.

  32. The key move that allowed Carlsen to win seems to have been White h3. Since it wasn't the best move it allowed Carlsen to get back and build a better position for himself.

  33. Wonderful commentary!!! Love your chess knowledge and historical perspective. 😇

  34. That wasn’t even disrespect. That was the far more brutal complete lack of respect.

  35. Magnus plays great positional chess.

  36. This is also true when I play the app, chessis. Whenever I play a very strict opening with tactics in mind, I end up getting a lower % after a game. When I try playing positionally & not much taxtics, my score would be around 85%.

  37. This Magnus kid seems pretty talented. Maybe if he keeps practicing he could become a world champion one day.

  38. Magnus is making the engine rethink about what they know

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