Can You Tell The Real Value Of Chess Pieces?

Chess pieces are conventionally given their respective numeric values. A pawn is 1 point. Have 5 of them on a board against the single rook and no one would like to play against these pawns. The Knight pair is considered to be equal to the Bishop pair but if you have them faced to face in an endgame with no other pieces on the board, what side would you prefer to play with?
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  1. Very interesting topic Mr Puzzler, I guess an important question that we need to ask is what does those numerical value actually represents. If those numbers truly represent the strength of a chess piece, then it cannot be absolute as it varies with position.

  2. The bishop/rook strength I believe can be related to the amount of square that It can access, in an early game where there are lots of pieces in the way, their strength are supressed, contrary to late game however, I believe that is why we prefer to have bishop than knight

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