Can Chess, with Hexagons?

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  1. To reach AGI change the decision matrix from M= ( alternate options) N= (criteria) to m6/n3 (architectural options) / ( alternative criteria) that will solve the 3.15 second glitch in the current “decision matrix”. M6/N3 = The Sigma Matrix

  2. Hell yeah brother. Thank goodness its Grey

  3. I’m early so I matter give me likes

  4. The king is limited in movement because communications will collapse if he moves around too much. He leads the battle, after all, and every unit has to look to him for commands and sending status reports.

  5. As a square chess lover, thank you for explaining this in classic easy-to-understand Grey style. Now I have to learn how to play!

  6. I'm not smart enough for regular chess, but I do love hexagons, so I bought Hive and just call it "bug chess" 🤣 maybe one day I can aspire to real hexagonal chess

  7. Ooo, this would make for an amazing Battle Chess game on PC

  8. Can’t the white king at 10:35 just capture the black queen? She’s not protected by the bishop

  9. That's a pretty hexcellent question you answered.

  10. Wow this is awesome. Can somebody please implement this online with matchmaking? 🙏

  11. I was sold as soon as you said hex chess includes en passant

  12. the problem with making any chess variant is that the only thing that actually makes chess good is the high number of people that know the rules of the game, so as soon as you change the rules you have no one to play with

  13. "Can Chess, with Hexagons?" is such a wonderfully minimalistic video title. I love it.

  14. This Hexagon infatuation is going too far xD

  15. How could the humble Hexagon, the Bestagon, not be a true Chesstagon?
    Just get those boring Squares gon(e)

  16. Sounds like a fun coding project to make an AI for this. Wonder what the chess notation for this would be?

  17. Hey, wait, didn’t you do this one already?

  18. Bit of a question about pawns. You describe diagonal motion really clearly in this video, and I agree that it’s really elegant on a hex board. But shouldn’t that mean pawns attack that way as well, teleporting to that corresponding color?

    I trust that this was playtested to not be the case, but just curious to know how that may affect things!

  19. Grey signed hexagons is the most on brand brand thing ever 🐝

  20. I wonder how the douchebag next door felt about your hexagons.

    (Cortex reference)

  21. And that is why hexagons are bestagones

  22. so that's what was happening in your parking space, Grey… I just realized that must be where that huge board was at

  23. Honestly I think buying all those hexes and building that board was worth it for how clean the video turned out.

  24. This is very cool! The range on those queens is bonkers!

  25. I think a better patreon reward would be a hexagon chess match!

  26. did you call the number in the panphlet?

  27. Hooray! So glad to see this get elevated to Real Video Status 😀 🍀

  28. I'm in Watford,
    I would go see what is there now but very hard to find the location, I was on that street once tho.

  29. On the original hexagons video I remember thinking "Hey, what about hexagon Minesweeper!?" and considered making it. However I found Globesweeper which not only had hexagons, but also solved the issues caused by the border by being on a globe. I found that hexagon Minesweeper was NOT that great, actually. This is because you need more clues per corner. A hexagon has 6 sides, but each corner is only adjacent to 3 tiles, as opposed to the classic square where it only has 4 sides but each corner is adjacent to 4 tiles. The interesting logic puzzles only occur when you have at least 3 clues to compare against. With the hexagons, it was usually either perfectly clear or impossible to deduce. So, though you CAN hexagon Minesweeper, you really shouldn't bother.

    But then that same game really blew my mind when it gave me triangles! Now that's where it's at! With 6 tiles to a corner, you have a lot to work with. And for you hexagon enthusiasts, don't worry. The hexagons are still there, they're just hiding among the triangles.

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