Can a Chess piece be a puzzle? #shorts

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  1. I hope these stay in production indefinitely until at least the day I'm not too broke to invest in the collection 😭 Such wonderful pieces of art

  2. Херь какая то а не головоломка.

  3. I would enjoy a chess board with pieces like this

  4. My Comment Gonna Be The Most Liked Comment Of This Video 📷

  5. I was so surprised and need to see the rest now

  6. У тебя классные видео как насчёт русского канала?

  7. Who else thinking that the star on head of rook will also be unscrewed to solve it

  8. Chess, but after the game ends, every player solves the opponent's remaining chess pieces, fastest win.

  9. 999 subscribers with 1 video.(help me) says:

    le vishwanath anand :😲

  10. Yes I want to see the rest and after I challenge you to a chess game.

  11. Yes I want to see the rest! These are just works of art in their own right, not even as puzzles, just the overall aesthetic.

  12. I am in love with this channel!

  13. Now to have an entire chessboard of these!

  14. I'm not trying to gate keep your videos so that I seem super smart when I solve some of the puzzles I bought in front of my family and friends…

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