Can a Chess piece be a puzzle? #shorts

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  1. If u can solve the puzzle within 30 sec then its +2 material

  2. Imagine playing chess with a friend and then all of a sudden "hey look at my tokens"

  3. I will not check out the other solutions because i will buy every piece 🙂

  4. Pov chess but when you attack a piece or get attacked you have to solve the puzzle first to win

  5. They all gangster style til he starts playing chess with them

  6. How to solve the Rest of them

    Step 1: Chain Saw

  7. "I can promote my pawn to become queen!"
    "Mine can do without promoting"

  8. Darkie teaches us an important lesson.
    Be careful if you fw egirls
    I didn't know about this drama but i'm glad we got darkie's thoughts on the matter because he seems like a reasonable dude.

  9. Someone make a puzzle box where its the chessboard and the key is in pieces and each piece is hidden in one of each chess piece

  10. A puzzle where each individual chess piece once solved fits into a specific square on the chess board, creating a game where the opponents king is checkmated. The reward? A checker piece.

  11. The price is reasonable, but its so expensive

  12. play chess but every capture is solving the puzzle, if u fail after a minute ur turn is over and u don't capture the peice

  13. would love to see you solving others ones too

  14. Bad ga- no good game idea

    To take a piece you have to slice the puzzle under 2 minutes and if you don't you have put the piece back

  15. Time to escape the room "the only thing I see is a chessboard,” the end.

  16. I have my own way to get in it’s called HAMMER

  17. i like the little star on the rook:)

  18. Could you actually buy enough of these to complete the chess board then with the tokens also play checkers only problem would be knowing which piece is yours and your opponents

  19. "yooo guys wanna see my new chess pieces skins" 💀💀💀

  20. I don’t think I have ever seen something that fits me so perfectly

  21. Me who buys all the pieces
    To play chess:🥃🗿

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