BREAKING NEWS: Eagles SIGN Julio Jones and CB/S Josiah Scott! When is the Safety TRADE Coming??

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  1. bro real quick just a PSA: I'm in my mid-40s and I never heard nobody use jawn to describe a male before… in my whole life until recently. I'm local and I'm outside I'm telling you that shit needs to stop. #gobirds #flagrant

  2. I been said Watkins and Barnett in a package trade

  3. Scott can play somewhat but we still need to go after Chinn, Simmons or Baker. Julio can mentor the wideouts as a camp body

  4. Had 30 catches with tanehill at qb so could be decent

  5. howie got something cooking: trade quez or barnett for chinn ,simmons ,burns {2nd also] opr garrett from denver

  6. Yeah I don't like Scott being back here either I never liked him here dude doesn't even have a NFL body he waaayyy too small out there 🤦🏽‍♂️ pause we literally could of picked up anybody other than Lilman Scott 😭🤦🏽‍♂️ idk mike but #InHowieWeTrust💪🏾 #BirdGang4L🦅

  7. Julio Probably play a week then out for season🤦🏾‍♂️

  8. Scott is a certified dud but an older Julio is better than Quez on his best day. That scamper out of bounds let the whole eagles front office and Nick "I don't learn what everyone else done figured out a long time ago until it's too late" Sirianni know that he has no intentions to improve beyond costing the team games

  9. Finally we don't have to se anymore butterfinger Quez. Speed don't mean jack if the defender ain't afraid of you actually catching any balls thrown your way

  10. Budda Baker Is he comming to Philly for the Eagles and trade Quez Watkins to Arizona Cardinals and Scott to Arizona Cardinals too in a trade

  11. the julio signing really only has upside. FA signing for a 1 year deal. Bigger dude that could make a difference in the run game and yeah he’s past his prime but defenses still can’t ignore him in the red zone. He’ll bring a lot to the locker room, especially the WR core by helping them focus on the details that he mastered years ago. Plus now he’s matching up against a CB3 instead of 1 or 2 – seems like mismatches that can be exposed

  12. How can anyone not like signing julio jones!!!?? Julio at #3.. I'll take that all day.. huge upgrade at wr 3… we don't need him to be a 1 or 2.. he is someone who will help us in the redzone… great signing!!!

  13. I hate when people talk about force feeding AJ people just want drama

  14. I think it's for a veterans presence maybe keep that receiver room focused

  15. I'd rather have a veteran wide receiver in the slot then quez

  16. I want them to trade to chinn. Make it happen

  17. Jones is injured way too much. He's a talent but always injured just like DJax. Heck could have brought him back to stretch the field taking Quez place. That dudes speed is still elite.

  18. Got to have faith bro he be a good wr3

  19. Let Julio make a TD and watch you change your tune.


  21. Not an OMG signing but Jones is good in a 4-5 slot wr, who knows he might stay healthy and put up solid numbers in that role, veteran presence and leadership etc

  22. I think Julio can still play and he’s the 4th option that’s not act like he ain’t wanna the best ever talent wise lol he got it

  23. Answer this, If We have Brown, Smith, and Jones on the field. Who gets doubled coverage?

  24. I Trust Howie !!!!! All Should !!!!! He Ain't D-O-N-E by any stretch of the imagination.

  25. I’m sad I caught the ending of the live! Was just getting off work! But nah this signing is crazy and nobody expected it 😯

  26. This is nuts but I understand look at the wide out production 16 doing nothing other guy not much better the secondary worries me the most they can't stay healthy still 5-1 should be 6-0 bad nite for 1 and bad coaching bad 3rd call run clock to cocky.

  27. The OC some TRASH. We gave this guy the Keys to the Lamborghini and he can't drive for slit.This needs to be his last year coaching he needs to be a intern or a waterboy.

  28. People really think Howie picked up Julio to be a star 😂 yall playing checkers if you thinkin like that

  29. Low risk high reward but not expecting too much from him. Old guys such as Rolby already getting hurt I expect the same from Julio

  30. And golden tate made the church catch against the bears in the playoffs

  31. Hey Mike, I hope that I'm not sounding like I'm not confident about our birds. Yet a bit of honest , even if we escaped the Jets, we have been playing poorly. Let's let this loss motivate us for the Dolphins 🐬. Go Eagles

  32. We definitely need to get better in red zone offense. I could pile on but let's just say that there are many aspects of the game that need more work. That undefeated streak ended, let's start another.

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