Blitz corner with Dina Belenkaya

Get ready to make your move AGAIN!

Tomorrow, Dina Belenkaya will face off against guests at the World Chess Club Berlin AND STREAM IT RIGHT FROM THE ARMAGEDDON STUDIO♟💥

What can you expect? Here’s a sneak peek:

🎭 Unprecedented drama on the Armageddon chessboard
⚡️ Lightning-fast Blitz games that will keep you on the edge of your seat
😂 Hilarious trash talk that will leave you in stitches
🎉 Plus, an abundance of fun and excitement!

No need to register here, just join us at 21:00, right after the Armageddon♛🏁


  1. Dina didn't ask the last player's name & where he comes from.

  2. Epic last game, no wonder the colleagues were cheering off-camera at the end.

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