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Just a kween being a kween. 👸🏻

Watch as Beth plays chess against twelve men, simultaneously, and find out what happens. If you can’t get enough like us, watch her kill it in The Queen’s Gambit, streaming now only on Netflix.

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  1. "There will be no talking during play". Yikes:)

  2. I'm certain many children auditioned for the role of young Beth and Isla Johnston got the part which is no small feat and watching her work I understand why….

  3. ‘What surprised me, was how bad they played. They left backwards pawns all over the place and their pieces were wide open for forks’
    Me : damn, that’s one savage chess player

  4. "Nona Gaprindashvili" was FAR better than Beth. Also She sued Netflix about manipulating her chess history.

  5. One of the best shows produced in the past 10 years

  6. Woke trash, christian hate, white hate, girl beats world, girl is the ultimate chess goddess of all time blah blah blah…you get the point, oh and shes bi so plus plus?

  7. I don’t think it’s a simulation when it says your production has gone up since vibrator usage has decreased. Mind you, it is Japanese.

  8. Wish she had way more screen time especially after adoption she’s still young. But I think they had to add sensitive female growth moments.

  9. … I've only watched this short clip out of the whole series… to me, it seemed stiff and unrealistic…

  10. Heh, would’ve been funny if she’d just asked all of them to play 1. e4 for her so that she wouldn’t have to walk the entire circle just to play the same move over and over.

  11. The pretense was that she was being taken to the school to join chess team. Instead she played one simultaneous, and the chess club promptly disappears from the script forever.

  12. such a good first episode. can't wait to finish this series!

  13. if this is not about chess, things will be different …

  14. If this isn't the best Netflix has ever put out, it has to be in everyone's top 5.

  15. She opens with e4 here, which means she is not playing the Queens gambit. I don’t know that she ever plays the Queens gambit through the show. It’s a simple opening:
    1)d4 , d5

  16. This is Beth Harmon's version of Ip Man saying "I wanna fight 10 of them."

  17. Bobby Fischer's life but with an actress.

  18. Actress who played young Beth doesn't have the same eye color as Anya Taylor Joy.

  19. I'm a producer at Netflix we only want shows where women dominate men – this now called a 'Queen' in woke America. Women call men pathetic or hit them is ok. Men doing better than female in any way or defending themselves if assaulted = show cancelled. Women and children and LGBTIQ+ first – men last, men will be cancelled.

  20. If you've never read the original novel by Walter Tevis, do so. It is riveting! I never thought I could care so much about whether someone won or lost a game of chess.

  21. I'm better than Beth for sure. I'm 12 and 2310 rated.

  22. Beth: "What surprised me of how bad they played"

    Beth: "They left backward pawns all over the place"

    " and their pieces were wide open for forks"

    Me who actually keeping safe the knight entire the chess match 😂

  23. I could, MAYBE do this too if they were as bad as she said they were

  24. So basically they made a Me-Too movie about a fictional chick stealing Bobby Fischer's life.

  25. bruh, they left their pieces open, TO FORKS?! IS THIS CLASS MADE OF IDIOTS?! I COULD BEAT THEM!

  26. This is the equivalent of Ip Man beating those 10 Karate guys. A true master she is! lol.

  27. Life is like a box of chocolates. Good.

  28. Could of just made a true life series about magnus calsen, but spoke a made up female one more in fashion

  29. The days before overhead florescent lighting, but with lots of racial segregation. Dark times.

  30. the best thing netflix has done and maybe the last truly great piece of original content they've made. nowadays it's so much mass-produced drivel.

  31. Just a fictional movie replacing Bobby Fisher with a female.

  32. It was weird how she shot each of them in the chest.

  33. the series harps endlessly on male plays not taking its heroine seriously, at first, but it had to make up its heroine because there has never been a woman who played this well. Judit Polgar is the top female player of all time, the only one to break into the top 10, and her top rank was # 8, and only two others, Maia Chiburdanidze and Hou Yifan have ever broken into the top 100.

  34. A "war game", contraband, read the rules.

  35. Me, every move, not knowing chess: “ahhh, the Sicilian.”


  37. I understand Kasparov was involved. Doesn't get much better.

  38. More made up Neflix woke crap. Dont make a film about the best chess player, make bullshit stupid people believe.

  39. Actually its very simple to win the second chess player, just needs to play first by copying what beth piece beth moved in the first player. So, beth will be fighting herself 11 times if this is copied in the next player.

  40. this was done for real on a cruise ship . she played 2 grand masters and beat them both . just copied each others moves .

  41. thats 4 minutes per board avg … she slaughtered them

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