Beth Harmon’s Final Chess Game | The Queen’s Gambit – Full Scene

And the student becomes the master. Watch the nail-biting final scene and chess match of The Queen’s Gambit, starring the inimitable Anya Taylor-Joy as Beth Harmon. Warning: Spoilers!

When winning takes everything, what are you left with? It’s the show everyone’s obsessed with: The Queen’s Gambit follows a young chess prodigy’s rise from an orphanage to the world stage. But genius comes with a cost. A riveting adaptation of Walter Tevis’ groundbreaking novel is streaming on Netflix now, starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Harry Melling and Marcin Dorociński.


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Beth’s Harmon’s Final Chess Game | The Queen’s Gambit – Full Scene

In a 1950s orphanage, a young girl reveals an astonishing talent for chess and begins an unlikely journey to stardom while grappling with addiction.


  1. Always wondered if her real father knew about her

  2. I don't really understand what happened

  3. Its not about win or lose, how you play the game, really liked the borgov attitude, wish i had the same

  4. Its funny if you see that the actual chess game doesnt make any sense

  5. My most favorite part of this series starts at 2:06 Of the last episode.

  6. This a perfect show. Perfect mix of all

  7. SUCH a GREAT movie/series – I like to think of it as a very long movie as I watched the entire thing in one sitting. Best I've seen in YEARS! Just inCREDIBLY written and shot and produced and acted.

  8. What a wonderful movie. When she says "Let's play" it gives me chills.

  9. What black woman in history has ever had anything to do with chess?

  10. Mr.Shaibel was the beginning of her journey, and the end

  11. Call me a cracker or a white boy and see what happens.

    You're racist if you think that's okay.

  12. I lived in the Soviet Union and they captured the look and feel of it PERFECTLY!!!! The art direction was BRILLIANT!

  13. I’ll watch the queen’s gambit again

  14. One more thing Netflix got wrong is that the real one Nona is ugly as a motherfucker 😂😂😂 this actress is so beautiful, I don’t see anyone suing for that 😂

  15. I love that she played against the man who’s book she read to improve her game..

  16. I absolutely loved the way Borgov gave her the pawn when she won, gave her a hug and joined in the applause. Such amazing sportsmanship <3

  17. Die Reaktion und die Kultur des sowietischen Schachspielers war ausgezeichnet. Er hat ihr gratuliert. Er hat gelächelt und sie umgearmt. Das ist mein Lieblingsmoment. Ich habe alle Serien gesehen aber wollte nur diesen Moment noch einmal sehen.

  18. The last scene, where Beth walks to the plaza where all the old men are playing chess, then engages them with friendship and respect, really got me. It was her way of honoring the memory of Mr. Schaibel and all those who play in obscurity simply for love of the game.

  19. This is probably one of my favorite shows of all time.

  20. Elizabeth Harmon's character is fictional, based on male chess players, including Bobby Fischer. In today's language, the person is really a male but identifies as a female aka transwoman 🤣🤣🤣 So, today we salute you, real men of genius.

  21. Queens Gambit was everything about chess that Pawn Sacrifice sadly wasnt.

  22. wHAT A FANTASTIC Series! I love it. Netflix do some more!

  23. Borgov: this is your game
    Beth: 👁️👄👁️

  24. he said…ummm this is your family…. not his…. they mean nothing to us… nor do your new family

  25. 1:47 Oh, sure, Benny looks all cool when he answers the phone and hangs up on the person without a word, but when I do it, I'm "rude" and "a poor communicator." Whatever.

  26. LOL. I see Netflix if full of left democraps. Trying to show USSR as a great paradise when their people were dying and suffering. Geniuses were praying to leave that horrible place

  27. I love how it feels at the end that Borgov always knew she would beat him someday and he was waiting for this moment, instead of being disappointed, he looked like a proud father🥺

  28. The best alliances are through Marriage 😋

  29. The players are moving far too rapidly for a middle game in tournament competition. They aren't playing speed chess. In reality, they would each be calculating 16 or 17 moves ahead.

  30. She sees the pieces on the ceiling for the first time without the drugs. Another parting gift from Mr Shaibel , in his death
    ?,and lessons learned through her own realization. and she meets the Russian in the park who reminds her of him. ok I am balling. in fact there are a park full of mr Shaibels she meets, who love her.

  31. I love that those Russian dudes were all respectful with her till the ending T_T
    Perfectly done gender equality right there. Loved this ending.

  32. I'm looking for a movie I watched on tv years ago, the husband, who was violent imprisons the wife in the room, she writes on  paper a request for help, and goes to the bathroom to throw out the window, there's an African-American man sweeping the street, but the husband arrives on time and picks up the paper from the floor, if anyone knows, please let me know.

  33. Anyone else notice that dressed all in white with that hat she’s looks like a queen

  34. What a beautiful ending to an amazing mini series 😊

  35. Beltik’s reaction when they get the news gets me every time

  36. Now imagine if the old man in the end actually beat her

  37. When i was in my twenties i traveled in katmandu nepal with a group to do some trekking. While there, i deliberately got lost in the streets. I came across a chess game outside a store and stopped to watch. I was invited to play against one fellow. I spoke no Nepalese. He spoke no english. We both spoke chess. It was a great hour spent playing. What a joy.

  38. For his magnanimous gesture of outstanding sportsmanship, Borghov lost his state-sponsored apartment and was sentenced to 10 years in the Siberian Gulag…

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