Best Comebacks | House M.D.

Some of the best comebacks, replies and insults dealt by Dr. Gregory House!

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  1. I wish I could meet someone like House, not Hugh Laurie, House. I know it wouldn't work, but what a nice change. Someone who is completely honest

  2. "Christians"
    "Oh, and black people" had me rolling already

  3. Now you cant make fun of fat people or black people. ONLY CHRISTIANS AND STRAIGHT WHITE MEN ARE FREE GAME.

  4. Forgot:"What are you looking at?"House: "Apparently, a Moron."

  5. The first person is definitely high on a couple different drugs.

  6. “No, I’ll keep going even if I kill him.” You psycho lol

  7. We've got rectal bleeding. What all of you? 😂🤣😂🤣

  8. 00:35 I'm pretty sure fat black Christian ppl get noticed for being fat first lol or else tyler perry wouldn't have a career

  9. Makes me happy the huh is the most replayed.

  10. Koniec z receptami.
    I tak będzie.
    To zabrzmiało.

  11. Does anyone know what episode it is when he tells the parent of the person he’s treating to leave because “they irritate him” ?

  12. nope I'll keep going even if i kill him 😂

  13. “He isn’t a what he’s a who, they even have the right to vote now!” As a black man I laughed way too hard at that 😂😂😂

  14. “Merry Christmas” “Happy go to hell” 💀💀

  15. 7:16 "he's a who! they even have the right to vote now" LMAO

  16. "Dr. House, I don't think we've met.""Dr. Jamie Conway, ive heard your name.""Most people have, it's also a noun.."Brilliant

  17. Except magic mushrooms are not approved for medical use so a doctor can’t write a prescription for it.

  18. "Are you being intentionally dense!?"


  20. "How would you describe my leadership skills?" "Non existent. Otherwise great". Dude.

  21. The Writing is indeed genius, but without the actors delivering the lines, the jokes would not work as well as they do.

  22. I forgot how funny this show was

  23. “You’re 8 years old and you swallowed something on a fridge? Darwin says let him die”

  24. "So your arm only hurts after you lie on top of it all night? Well, have you thought about, I don't know, not doing that" 😂😂😂

  25. “He’s 8 and he swallowed something stuck to the fridge. Darwin says “let him die””Just…. Amazing script writing.

  26. This show has the best savage comeback lines ❤❤

  27. "You're full of baloney. Lots of it too."
    "Only people you can make fun of."
    "Christians. *OH AND BLACK PEOPLE-*"

  28. Hot take: I think gen z would love doctors like House. I kind of would, at least.

  29. Out of LITERALLY all of the UK actors Hugh's American accent is the most convincing then Kate Winslet follows second.

  30. House always has a comeback ready for anything. Great writing. Loved this show n

  31. That's what's wrong with House! His mom never called him 15 times in one day.❤

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