Best Comebacks | House M.D.

Some of the best comebacks, replies and insults dealt by Dr. Gregory House!

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  1. If he quits medicine he could be a cook

  2. Chase: "You stash your Vikadin in a Lupus textbook?"
    House:"It's never Lupus!"

    Good old Lupus

  3. “Merry Christmas”
    “And a happy go to hell”
    Hahah I like that 😂

  4. Are you being intentionally dense. Dr house. Huh

  5. “What are you hiding?” “i’m gay” best comeback😭

  6. “Sometimes the best gift is the gift of never seeing you again” 😂😂😂

  7. Fun Fact: we're not anywhere near the only creatures that like shoving things in their backdoors

  8. If her DNA was off by 1 percent then she’d be a dolphin 😂😂

  9. btw are we ever gonna have the conversation about the biggest plot hole in this series?

    How does House not own a sneaker wall all throughout??? Where does he store all the different sneakers he wears

  10. "ive heard your name"

    house: "most poeple have,its also a noun"


  11. On the bright side he can’t complain about losing his hand if he can’t breathe

  12. "It's never lupis." I binged watched all eight seasons and everyone from Cuddy to the janitor suggested lupis, but it never was.

  13. pthjththtjthfffff- that was my reaction to these epic clips~love from brasil


    bruh he makes fun of Christians tf… now i hate this show

  15. That huh from House and his face are pricelss😂😭

  16. 7:06 will always be the funniest bit in the entire show

    I died

  18. You know the most unrealistic part of this show? People not laughing at House's comebacks, I mean come on. "What are you hiding?" "I'm gay… oh that's not what you meant. It does explain a lot though. No girlfriend, always with Wilson, obsession with sneakers." I was DYING laughing.

  19. 'Most people have, it's also a noun'😂

  20. "Merry Christmas."
    House: "And a happy got ot hell"

    Need i say more? 😂

  21. 0:13
    Sounds awful, but coming from a doctor, it's the best wish for you

  22. That HUH? is perfectly cut in every single version I see of it bahah

  23. If House asked if I wanted to be treated by him, I would absolutely say yes

  24. "Which way does time go" always makes me laugh out loud.

  25. 7:02 All three of these ones are funny alone, but the way that they were all rapid, back to back, and perfectly cut had me completely crack upon hearing “It’s also a noun.” 😂

  26. “It’s not Lupus”. It never is till the last episode😭

  27. Wow everyone in Blackadder seems to have done well for themselves after it ended

  28. Somewhere in a parallel universe :
    "Hi, I am Dr. Chase, nice meeting you"
    "NIce to meet you too. I have heard a lot about you"
    "Most people have, its also a verb"

  29. Nope cant make fun of blacks his left wing bs comes out

  30. Does anyone know the episode where house says to his team after closing the blinds on stacy, mommy and daddy are fighting

  31. The hard cuts make this that much better😂

  32. "i've heard your name before" "most people have, it's also a noun" is what gets me

  33. the first one is gold that poor woman just went with it 'okaaay alrighht' XD

  34. He's seriously got gorgeous eyes. Just saying.

  35. Why is it sped up? if its cus of copyright just dont upload

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