Basic Chess Openings Explained

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I get a lot of questions about chess openings. In this video and the comments below, I’ll answer all of them! ASK AWAY BELOW!

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  1. Have you covered the owens defense?

  2. the only problem i have and this is nothing against you but you give the opening and i dont know what to do after i get it setup or when they attack me, this is probably because i am not good but i was wondering if you have any advice

  3. Bro this video is such a stark contrast to your more recent ones in terms of tone. Homie really came out of his shell over the last few years

  4. The highest rating I've made it was 800. Black I usually use kings Indian but I thought it was something else. I usually start with g6 and then knight but always got my knight in trouble. And I messed around with Danish gambit lots .. also in lower level I 4 moved check mate people lots

  5. Is it too late for someone over 30 to learn chess? How long does it typically take someone to reach an ELO rating of 2000?

  6. I've started playing chess for quite a while and have a rating of 800+ can you recommend what should I learn next…. ?

    Other than playing games, cuz I sure am doing that, I mean like 1-2 games a day😅

  7. Would I be able to play against you because I am good with openings and I know how to checkmate quickly but my middle game is wobbly.

  8. Hey Gotham. Today, you released your "why you are bad at chess" video, and so it has brought me here. I've got no clue if you still respond to the comments here, but I really appreciate your content. Can't wait to learn and get better.

    As a beginner, what openings should I absolutely focus on learning.

  9. First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you. As a new-ish chess student, your videos are really helpful for me in my journey to improve my chess. Just hearing about the distinction between Set-up based openings and theory-based openings was huge for me.

    I do have a question about The London System. In this video, it looks like 1.d4, 2.Nf3, 3.Bf4, 4.e3 is the "standard" sequence.. But in your 10 Minute Openings video on the London, you preferred 1.d4, 2.Bf4, 3.e3, 4.Nf3 (moving the Bishop out on the second move and delaying the Knight until AFTER e3. (In fact, I remember wondering why in that wideo you specially said to delay Nf3 until after e3. I am not sure that the reason was stated.)

    I do recognize that you did mention the sequence of the London openings moves could be varied a bit. But I am very curious why in this video, Nf3 was the second move and in the London-specific video, you recommended delaying Nf3 until at least the 4th move after e3. Anything you can share would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  10. Is there a way for a low memory beginner to become a frustrating stonewall after a well developed opener and beat low elos by being indomitable and patient and not messing up?

    I tend to develop well and opponents will get bishops and queens punted, but then it falls apart

  11. I need phase 2 of low memory, beginner bureaucratic theory after I gain advantage over other noobs who don't know about development

  12. 1 week of chess and its improved my real life noticeably through improved general cognition

  13. Hey Levy, great video! I have been learning chess for about a month and many of the apps/sites teach you openings, the problem I have found is the 'why'. I mean, I can memorise a few openings, but there is no explanation on why these openings are effective. Is there a certain advantage to using the Ruy Lopez for example. Do you use an opening to knock out certain pieces.

  14. 2 year old video. These openings won't work in the current meta, especially after the 3.17.9 update

  15. My strength: finding the best move
    My weakness: openings

  16. White – Queen pawn, King Knight, Bishop beside pawn, King pawn up 1, Queen Knight in front knight, other Bishop in front knight, pawn pyramid, Castle

  17. King's Indian setup for Black – Queen pawn up 1, King Knight, Knight pawn up 1, King Bishop move, Castle, develop Queen Bishop and Queen Knight, then King pawn at centre of board

  18. I just take a random pawn and move it forward and then take it from there. How is this opening called?

  19. Do you have a lesson about how to react or move your chess pieces base on your opponent's opening?

  20. I love how just 2 years ago Gotham was like "You'd need a course,,,, well,,, I DO have a course but uhh there's also many others out there book, youtube videos too" whereas today he's like "White opens with king's pawn E4 I have courses on E4 openings 50 % off for the next two days also beginner, intermediate courses free samples check them out also-"

    (which has my full support btw advertise your great content king)

  21. I used to (and still kinda do) open by destroying the opposing queen and it’s pawn and checking with a rook or a queen 😂

  22. The way you teach is very addictive 👍❤️

  23. This dude taught me absolutely nothing. Hahah it’s not him, it’s me. 😂

  24. What opening should i play if the opening they played was against london system, english and king's indian?

  25. Wow video styles have changed drastically! Much better now

  26. I love how eloquent Levy is in this video, whereas, in his more recent ones he’s straight up roasting you.

  27. Ah yes when GothamChess was still a serious channel

  28. This is what I was looking for thank you very much I'm 13 and I'm trying to get better in chess.

  29. What do you think of the king’s gambit opening?

  30. The way he actually explains ECERYTHING bro, I love that

  31. "If you're looking for relationship advice, you've come to the wrong place."

  32. Should you continue with openings if your opponent has an uncoordinated opening? Or should you attack right away?

  33. when you realize that the London opening is technically an English opening

  34. I get destroyed at level 300, idk how!?
    I keep trying and going back to my mistakes though… anyways thanks for the video!

  35. I just got "fried livered." I'm glad I know what that attack is now.

  36. My only questions are more of the concept… “why am I moving this piece here as opposed to others?”

  37. I’m trying to open my girlfriends legs, it’s not working though, she says I’m addicted to chess

  38. If they open London and develop normally then you can do the englund gambit which goes wpd4 bpe5 wpe5 bkc6 wkf3 bqe7 wbf4 bqb4 wbd3 bqb2 wbc3 bbb4 wqd2 bbc3 wqc3 bqc1 also for clarification the first letter is white or black second letter is the piece and letter 3 and the number is the square the englund is my favourite

  39. isn't this just the London system?

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