Assassin’s Creed Nexus Will Split The Fanbase

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  1. wow , you are a very stupid man. whats the point of this?

  2. Whats with all the hate before you know anything 🤦🏽‍♂️ if youve played any standalone vr. This is amazing game and you would know that recording while playing a brand new game will most likely cause frame drops. Its standalone.

  3. It’s skeptics like you who don’t like change that’s always hating on vr. Have you even tried yet? That’s why. Stick to 2k

  4. The graphics look better in the headset first of all.

  5. It's so funny this guy acts like he's the resident vr expert yet he doesn't know sh*t. Also misses half the video. I just hope he doesn't rob people of the vr experience with his nonsense.

  6. Ronin doing some roger shit and you basically telling him to go home is funny everytime, i look forward to what shenanigans hes going to bring up next

  7. Ronin really do give “ go home Roger “ vibes 🤣

  8. uh a lot of people actually don't experience motion sickness so if you do it's actually kind of a skill issue that you can practice hence the VR Legs so while framerate helps, it's still up to the person's resistance to motion sickness think of it like with boats.

  9. There are at least 100 people that have played this and none of them have mentioned "bad framerate." It's the trailer, not the game. If it were actually bad, Gamertag and other would have RIPPED it apart. It's rock solid.

  10. They modified the blade so they don’t have to get rid of the ring finger

  11. I love VR, but I always have to take my motion sickness medicine beforehand or play the “comfortable” games only.

  12. We literally JUST got an AC game… I was genuinely hoping that we were gonna let this title breathe so another title can bake a little longer. Getting worse quality from yet ANOTHER assassins creed title is depressing at this point. And super duper fat ass BOO on the MK mobile game 😂

  13. No Ubisoft fan who keeps up with VR will expect this to blow them away.

  14. Ronin is a Hokage Highlights legend now LMAO 🤣

  15. Didn’t kassandra have the broken spear instead of the hidden blade 😂

  16. Ronin seems like that annoying little cousin who can't stay quiet 😂😂😂

  17. WeLl ActUaLLy TBH Ezio NevER GoT HiS FIngER CuT OFf. 🤓😂

  18. How df disabled people supposed to play VR anyway? Do games come with controller configuration?

  19. Would like to see that imjustsaiyan video on the movie

  20. that uncharted take was terrible 😂😂 uncharted 2 is goated and i played ALOT of games from n64 era to now

  21. ronin is that cousin u let play w the broken controller

  22. Aaannnddd…. I have a migraine from them frames.
    Edit: That dude complaining about his ex was prolly me. 😂

  23. Bruh it’s just a be game people need to chill

  24. Ronin sending dumb ass links be funny ass hell. Then gets banned right after 🤣 keep banning and unbanning the homie 😂

  25. Ronin is a testament to how much patience TBH has gained over the years, because Pre-AC Odyssey TBH definitely would NOT have put up with them this long.

  26. 7:30 ts IS lore accurate kus Altair made it where u don’t have to cut ur finger and can have double blades . so Conner n Ezio is accurate but kassandra..well nigga💀

  27. Motion sickness can definitely happen regardless of frame rate. The VR community likes to say that you have to get your "VR Legs", or get accustomed to VR.

    There's no way to properly demonstrate VR until you actually use a proper headset (Quest, Index, etc). So if you actually have a chance to use a headset, try it and see! I view the quest ecosystem like the switch, you sacrifice graphics for something else. In this case, immersion is what you gain.

    But this is only if you use it as a standalone headset. If you connect your headset to your pc (wired or wireless), you can play all the PCVR games in full fidelity and barely any lag.

    VR gets a lot of flack, but i definitely see the appeal of it and it certainly works. It wont replace flat screen gaming, but its a nice alternative.

  28. I have an unpopular opinion, I'm more excited for Assassins Creed Nexus than I was for Mirage, spiderman 2, Mario Wonder, and pretty much anything else.

  29. Man 33% of this video was actually about Assassins creed.

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