Archer Piece In Chess (ChessCraft)

The added chess piece, Archer. It can move orthogonally one tile and attack diagonally in any direction, unlimited attack distance. Have a special skill “Archer” to attack that without move.

Piece’s code: 8RH



– Time Lapse / TheFatRat:




  1. I made a similar piece, only it moved like a king and had a slightly worse attack range.

  2. this, is not yours. the game has this in "adventure"

  3. How epic the truth is, it is a bit weird that there is a distant attack token

  4. A rpg type game would be interesting but only chess games, with stories and kingdoms

  5. This si exactly what i was looking for and thinking the last couple of weeks. New chess pieces to play in a 10*10 board. Thanks for sharing!

  6. hopefully magnus is keeping up with these updates

  7. The archer can move 1 square diagonally in "adventure" (Chesscraft)

  8. How do you put created pieces on the chess board

  9. 我的弓弩類似於中國象棋的砲,但改成斜線版本,走法如同主教,吃法則是必須隔一枚棋子攻擊後方。

  10. so close, SO CLOSE to the real thing

  11. There should be one of this piece and another piece that can move like a bishop and king combined. Together they should replace both of the bishops

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