Andrew Tate explains how chess will improve your life

Andrew Tate learned chess at a young age from his father, the late Master Emory Tate. In this interview he explains how learning the game helped shaped his view on life for the better.


  1. People be taking the piss but they don't see the mentality behind it.

  2. That what your papa taught you about chess, Andrew? What a joke.

  3. Its mighty funny how people are trying to say that he’s a sex trafficker, he beats women, and all that stuff when the same woman in the video is right there in the back with him. Smh those rumors and stuff is BS. #freeandrewtate

  4. Normally I'd say that this is all meandering jibberish but the woman behind him has great rack so I think he's actually got this all figured out.

  5. I'm convinced he doesn't know the rules of chess

  6. The queen is the most powerful piece. They're all equally important

  7. To be fair.. his dad was an IM.. or was it a FM?

  8. Sometimes you have to sacrifice the queen for the victory. Always remember that.

  9. Can't wait till he explains how to avoid being arrested by the police

  10. Life is rarely so black and white; there are many shades of grey, and people regularly move around this spectrum. This is why most good chess players are usually socially awkward, because they can't conceptualize important nuances of (social) life.

    Conclusion: chess is a terrible teacher of life.

  11. In chess, the king is a fragile and slow little man who cries when someone looks at him badly and his queen has to do everything for him. I'm a man, but damn, I'd rather be a queen tbh.

  12. Ah yes, its very valuable to have your queen by your side. Until you get 5 more

  13. Bro speaking straight up faxx. I don't get why he gets so much hate for literally speaking facts

  14. Next time I'll see how checkers will teach everything I need in life…

  15. This is a terrible game to pick for the "metaphor" Paul Morphy famously sacrifices his strong woman and many of his friends to win this game.

  16. Your children, the future generations are the king.

  17. You literally cannot have a shit queen. All queens are the same.

  18. I thought the two people sitting behind were on a bed lol. They were on chairs.

  19. sajeu cette fois tu ne vas pas me voler le compte says:

    imagine thinking that pawns are useless

  20. No these are not the lessons chess teaches you.

    Chess teaches you patience, planning, a small detail may help you greatly in the future, visualize then execute, things only have value when they cooperate, anger is a potent spice… most of the beauty and lesson comes abstractly to me and many other chess players. Andrews version is so rudimentary and stupid it shows he doesn’t play the game.

  21. The pawns are everyone who signed up to HU lol

  22. Problem is that every pawn, knight, bishop and rook
    On the board is also a king than thinks you’re a pawn.

  23. Imagine meeting your gambit pawn in heaven and telling him that he wasn't very loyal to you.. brother is gonna send you to jesus a second time.

  24. say what you want about tate, he is successful he is chilling with babes around him living the life.. can't hate on the guy cause he said he'd do something and he went and done it.

  25. Most the time, yeah, it's true, but you're not the King. You're not the King. You're the King's Advisor, his most trusted ally. If the King falls, your head falls with his.

  26. Sometimes you have to sacrifice the queen for mate

  27. sacrifice the queen to win the game 😀 hahaha

  28. And the better you get you may even sac your queen or a bunch of your closest entrusted people and still win the game.

  29. This is the real reason why magnus is quitting top G

  30. Except everything other than pawns re tradable and sacrificable, and the queen doesn't obey the king. Pawns are the most loyal pieces. Really this is just a horrendous analogy by a simple minded sex offender

  31. mikhail tal enters the chat with his queen sacrifice 😂😂

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