Andrew Tate explains how chess will improve your life

Andrew Tate learned chess at a young age from his father, the late Master Emory Tate. In this interview he explains how learning the game helped shaped his view on life for the better.


  1. you dont need to play chess to learn the life

  2. When you promote a pawn into a queen means you can date your employeers

  3. Pawn's can promote like people can improve too.

  4. Andrew tate when he realizes all the pieces besides king are female

  5. For someone who said that chess is your life, you immediately blundered….

  6. This is actually the Opera game played in 1858 by Paul Morphy vs 2 strong amateurs (who played together) this game is famous and teaches us the importance of fast development and seizing the initiative.

  7. This just shows how Tate tries to twist some things to suit what he says.
    Chess is nothing like real life. For a start, with chess the queen is the one fighting the battle and protecting the king.
    In chess the King is a wimp that hides behind anything it possibly can.
    This is definitely not how Tate would expect a man to act with his wife.
    Chess actually has it wrong. It should be the king that can move like the queen and the queen should be the one that is being protected.

  8. He talking about queen to be the most important piece, Me who trades queen πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

  9. Ridiculous, look at him! What if the king is sh** and the king are you?!

  10. Tate is incredibly Arrogant! He is where he belongs now!!

  11. My goodness, the comment section is full of the same kinda creatures as the one in this video. The damn ego they have. He created a shit ton of disciples it seems. Who the f*Β’k do these people think they are?

  12. i prefer to think pf positions on the board as positions in real life. like sometimes in life your pieces get forked, or skewered or a bunch of other shit. you have to analyze the situation, and find the best move to minimize the damage, and then you have to find a way to comeback to win the game

  13. I feel pawns are more like money and power, it doesn't move forward very fast, but once you have it at max potential(promotes), the money and power can then provide more valuable things

  14. Pawns they work for you and when they promote they can be something more like another queen another bitchπŸ’€πŸ’€

  15. I just watched the video of him getting KNOCKED OUT COLD compilation… I guess his queen, knights, rooks and pawns are all s—t…

  16. This man…has clearly misunderstood chess.

  17. shikimaru has some lessons to teach this man

  18. Cause you're the king, doesn't that mean you make the moves for the queen and not the queen?

  19. Everytime this dude says something halfway decent the whole world acts as if he is a genius. Good marketing on his part though

  20. And then i move my pawn to the top and turn it into another queen and then im cheati-

  21. and one of them Queens turned up once mentioned πŸ’€

  22. Bro says all this but is probably still a 600-800

  23. BUT a pawn can become a queen. It has the most potential

  24. Queen is wrong. Its is wazir( adviser of the king)

  25. So it’s like everything then Tristan? If you have shit tasting milk you have shit cereal.. shit engine in your car it’ll drive shit.. come on bro πŸ˜‚

  26. and sometimes u promote ur pawns all to queens and have multiple wives

  27. What the pawn have in common with the real king but not in game…

  28. And in life after sacrificing queen what will we get
    -money and fame
    -lost family
    -inner stability
    and last no one will be with you . 😐

  29. He probably already beat the whole prison already including the warden.

  30. Remember boys and girls, a pawn can get promoted to a queen

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