A Difference between Chess.com and lichess 😳


  1. I mean it makes no sense to be given a win in such casesLike if you physically can’t checkmate if your opponent got rid of his peices then it should be a drawJust my opinion

  2. If Alireza Firoujza and Alejandro Ramirez had a baby…

  3. He said like "flagged the black pieces" what does that mean. Flagging pieces

  4. In lichess it's almost impossible to run out of time if the opponent doesn't have checks.On chess I ended up with a draw with a king and queen with 7 seconds left cause they're premoves stink, I could've won with 1 second on lichess.

  5. Good that you were smiling so much, made video much better

  6. Everybody should follow rules given by FIDE that's it

  7. What’s does flagging mean? You didn’t explain

  8. I got this draw before, i had a knight and bro had a queen rook and pawn. He rage quitted after that draw πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  9. Am i tripping or does this guy look like @Omai twin?

  10. Guys lichess is non profit.I am surprised that it still survives because if you have seen lichess spends 40k euros per month for the servers.I hope it lasts forever

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