A Difference between Chess.com and lichess 😳


  1. It indicates they won, not that they’re winning. The position is not winning, they won on time

  2. I was quite confused when I "lost" on time to a guy who had only a bishop left. There is 0 chance that fool was going to beat me with a bishop if he had a million years.

  3. lichess is not a company, they are a true non profit organization. Please, don't misguide your audience

  4. Lichess is not a (French) company it is an association. And the fact that Lichess follows FIDE but this has nothing to do with France. FIDE is the world official chess organ. The video seems to make a link between the French origin of Lichess and the choice of rules which is concrete bullshit

  5. Ayo there are different rules in chess in diffrent countries?

  6. Перевалов Александр says:

    If rook steel on the board there's one way to checkmate

  7. I remember watching a video of Hikaru mating his opponent with nothing but a king and knight because his opponent was pushing his h pawn with his king in front.

  8. What the heck is flagging I don't understand

  9. Similar happened in alireza carlsen controversy ?

  10. Crazy I found u first on twitch and u popped up on my shorts ! Good stuff man, and congrats to Juve haha 😂

  11. I think this happened to Alireza in a over the board game, a rapid tournament a few years ago. he wanted to claim a draw after his clock run out, but the fide police gave his opponent a win because checkmate was posible by his opponent only if Alireza helped him puting his king at the corner, which he said he will never do because he is so smart

  12. No different both platforms use bot accounts it’s so nice playing bots in speed chess

  13. But wht about rules where chess was invented……india??? Which rules should be followed? Nd which rules are followed by chess players in wc

  14. Chess without Li has some great features, if you pay.
    Lichess gas the best free features

  15. What I don't understand is why it is a stalemate even though it is possible to win with just a rook and a king

  16. There is also one more diffrence you can do any numbers of puzzles without even joining any membership and for that you will have to pay but in lichess you can do countless of puzzles for free

  17. i propose new regulations: when your timer clicks 0, you lose, no matter how pretty your pieces look

  18. As an American I agree with the lichess logic.

  19. Today it just happens to me

    "I ran out of time but I have a room and a pawn against my opponent with just a king"

  20. This is why I have both apps/websites on my favorites, because I like to switch between them

  21. It probably racism I all ways wondered why does white go first smh.

  22. This is why I have been getting draws like nobody’s business haha. That and I need to work on my chess skills

  23. Ngl as of now, chesscom ratings feels inflated, so not really sure how to comparison in terms of rating is now

  24. lichess is good. Free lesson and unlimited chess puzzles and free yt videos more than 500, analysis openings. No need to sign up. Free chess

  25. Let's respect and enjoy both ways, since they offer different but enjoyable experiences!

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