A Beautiful Queen Trap to Win Fast #shorts

Here’s an Amazing Chess Opening Trick in the Budapest Gambit to Trap the Queen in just 7 Moves.
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  1. As per most of your videos, it seems like the guy starting the game has an advantage

  2. If pushing kings pawn up to kick the knight away ,they are a goner also after bishop check-they block the check with bishop-the queen check and they block with pawn horse takes pawn – also I think in that line its possible to open the rooks pawn and intise the queen to enter after threatening knight and rook by offering a free bishop and after the queen takes the bishop;its trapped essentially, but stockfish has a disgusting computer response which equalizes

  3. What if instead of taking the knight with king, white checks black with his queen.

  4. Me who is playing against intermediate computer and tries this. Every move I make the computer pre stops what the next move YOU did here to stop me

  5. White Queen should have check instead of white king capture black Knight !. White is leading !.

  6. Me playing chess with the bots
    Me trying the gambit
    Bot:"Hmmm Interesting i try another move"
    Me: "shit"

  7. But the king still can move how is it checkmate if the king still can move?

  8. Have a guy do this to me but I beat this guy

  9. That is a rookie move. Any advance player won't fall for this obvious trap

  10. Do I need to sacrifice 2 pawn 1bishop and 1 knight to take opponents queen 🤣🤣

  11. And the sweety is gone
    Meanwhile sweeti: bhai sabse powerful mai hi hu kuch toh lihaaj kar

  12. Yes we are fooking the queen and room

  13. No way the queen will go. We can bring the white queen to make check. And then he has to save his king then we can kill his horse

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  15. i am so proud of myself for getting this

  16. You make such good chess videos keep it up

  17. If he gets he's queen back is it a bad thing

  18. Is it worth the cost of a knight and a bishop?

  19. What a load of nonsense I've tried this so called trap about two dozen times now and not once has an opponent responded how this guy reckons they do … Baloney !

  20. This looks like the tennison but with black

  21. never happened, pawn f3 will move every time

  22. What the king can go between rook and bishop

  23. Plz spike in hindhi bro plz🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  24. If white moves his king in g1 in bishop Czech

  25. The bishop sacrifice is just making fun of him

  26. This looks like the tennison gambit, but for black.

  27. This not winning move king can move e8 need more play

  28. Knight and a bishop for queen is it a fair deal?

  29. I thought I invented this trap. lol Then this is the second time I see it from him and Levon less than a month after thinking I invented it.

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