7 BEST Queen Sacrifices In Chess History!

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7 Queen Sacrifices by Magnus Carlsen, Garry Kasparov, Bobby Fischer, Mikhail Tal, Nezhmetdinov, Vassily Ivanchuk and Hikaru Nakamura.

0:00 Intro
0:28 Mikhail Tal
4:24 Nezhmetdinov
8:35 Vassily Ivanchuk
12:04 Hikaru Nakamura
14:42 Bobby Fischer
18:28 Kasparov
22:22 Magnus Carlsen

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  1. You do know Paul Morphy, right? And how about Capablanca?

  2. That Carlsen queen sac is something out of a movie

  3. Levy: You don't need royalty on the board 2:15
    Me: I know Levy! Why's it always say I lose when my King dies?

  4. You had one by Rashid Nez but you didnt include the arguable better one, vs Lev Pulguyevsky
    Lev told Yassir "I beat Rashid a dozen times but Ive traded them all to have played the pieces in the game he won won against me"
    It also features one of the greatest Queen hunts ever.

  5. These queen sacrifices are so educational like you understand the concept of sacrificing ~ to gain huge positional advantage or counterattack. The sheer combination of rook , knight and bishops is so deadly

  6. For the 7th game i saw the queen sac as a new chess player

  7. Please talk about Zukertort Blackburne!!

  8. How do you set up a position in chess.com to study with? I am able to set up a position – but how do you continue with out playing the computer? I am trying to study a book but that gets difficult… Anyone got any answers?

  9. Brilliant and fun to watch. The most spectacular was the last game but that final queen move was not a sacrifice, was it? The queen couldn't be taken and she killed the enemy king

  10. Where is Duda vs Nakamura from 2019, that was awesome.

  11. I dont think Supi vs Magnus fits in this video but that was pretty sick

  12. You forgot your pal Eric Rosen's Queen Sacrifices

  13. Averbakh-Kotov Zurich 1953 deserves a mention in any discussion of the greatest Queen sacrifices in history

  14. You should have vishy anands game Vs Joel lautier in which he plays bishop takes h6 leaving his queen undefended and put his bishop under attack by two pawn

  15. pause the vid before clicking on this but can i just point out 8:00 THAT WAS A BEAUUUUUTIFUL FORK

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  17. what is this timing that both you and agadmator uploaded the same game on the same day.. unless this was coordinated lol

  18. One of my favorite queen sacrifices is Alekhine vs Saemisch

  19. The city’s name is pronounced “Rostòv na donù”

  20. What's more important than a queen? You are.

  21. Magnus was already a world champion when he played that match for 4 years, so he wouldn´t have "become" a world champion

  22. Nezhmetdinov vs Polugaevsky should always be included in these sort of videos! Make it a top 8 or switch it for hikarus because this wasn't a real sacrifice

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