6 Checkmate Traps | Chess Opening Tricks to Win Fast | Short Games, Moves, Tactics & Ideas

Here are 6 quick checkmate traps. Openings are exciting & there are various chess opening tricks, strategies, gambits, moves, tactics and ideas that you can use to win fast. In this chess video, I will show you 6 amazing chess games, where some really good players got checkmated in the opening. These traps are for both white & black in various opening variations. These secret tricks will help you in winning chess games against your friends & other players who have not seen such traps before. These short games will also help you in improving your tactics & give you some new ideas to win more games. I also have an interesting chess puzzle at the end of this video, let’s see if you can solve that.

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Traps Covered:
0:00 Quick Checkmate Traps Introduction
0:32 Game #1: A Trap in the Three Knights’ Opening
2:22 Game #2: A Trap in the French Defense
4:38 Game #3: A Trap in the Italian Game
6:40 Game #4: A Trap in the Phildor Defense
8:21 Game #5: A Trap in the Alekhine’s Defense
10:37 Game #6: A Trap in the Sicilian Defense
12:33 Chess Puzzle

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  1. 4th game: I bet the Pg6 was an instant plan to take out black bishop according to king's movement. and he kept his black queen infront of king to lure white rook. He saw that alignment. What a sharp vision. 👌👌

  2. At 1:15 instead of moving knight to e7 what do we think of moving black pawn to f6?? which would be supported by bishop at g7 and queen at d8?

  3. Its Actually 1 move, taking the Bishop e2 to c4 checkmate

  4. Bro 10.9 video u r mistc bro black beshap actually the white pes

  5. Its always that indian guy who have anything you need.

  6. Love ur videos. But try and avoid comments below, coz that's blocking our us to see the pons below.

  7. ans of last puzzle is giving check by bishop am I right??? plz reply

  8. You are fantastic chess master!
    Love your tricky traps!

  9. The French play is ridiculous ….the bishop is trapping the queen not the King lol

  10. I have border chess trials Tommorow and it's kinda my only shot of getting seen by a possible sponsor (my family isn't well off) so this is really helpful in helping me think of my plan, thank you

  11. These tricks won't help when we play with beginners 😂😂

  12. bishop to c4 is the winning move , great video btw

  13. Last one – Bishop to C4 (check) then black moves D6 pawn to D5, white bishop captures D5 pawn(check), black captures white bishop on D5 with queen,white queen captures black queen(check) only way to get rid of the check is to move E7 pawn to E6 and finally white queen captures pawn on E6 (CHECKMATE)

  14. No no but what if another player moves another goti ??

  15. In game 5
    In last step why don't black moves the bishop to take the Pawn that could change the game

  16. In game 5 there is a loop in 9:53. Bishop would have eaten the pawn instead of a pawn ahead

  17. You just have to do bishop C4 and that's a mate right.

  18. 9:49 what about the black bishop in white square beats the white pawn ?
    That is bishop to E6

  19. 7.55 in this position why not move the knight or rook to e5 blocking the black bishop check🙄🙄

  20. White could bring his bishop to C-4&then could mated easily

  21. Just Single Move Bishop to C4…Game Over 🔥😎

  22. In last game put white bishop from e2 to c4 and thats a check mate

  23. 1:19 if the pawn from f7 to f6 was moved to block the mate, white might have a hard time winning.

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