50 Elo Chess

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  1. Black had a whole harem of mates, but he's celibate.

  2. 4:07 right here is some wonderful analysis and comment, had me laughing wetpantingly uncontrollably !!

  3. bro had 3 queens and couldn’t find a checkmate then fucking lost

  4. Does he drink from the flower vase to have fragrant water?

  5. Thats a carafe by the way. Not a vase.
    Also I love that he thought “I need another queen to do this” makes the queen, then moves one of his old queens instead.

  6. The funniest part about this entire game is that this is an average 200 ELO game. There have been worse ones I’ve seen

  7. bro managed to create an entire harem of queens and be unable to mate with any of them. truly a carlos magnusen moment

  8. Wait for the black to chase enemy rook with his unprotected in the next game

  9. Hey Levy ik this video is a bit old but, pause at 10:12 if white plays room e1 isn’t that mate?

  10. Its incredible how he founded spaces where it was not checkmate even though he had a freaking harem of queens😂 idk if it was intentional but he could have literally do a checkmate by mistake. I counted till 50 but iam sure there are more mates in one because I stopped count after that.

  11. that, my friend, is the plot armor in action

  12. is your water jug from ikea?
    we have the same

  13. Everything he said in the beginning was everything that happened to me after waking up

  14. Harry had Voldemort's spirit of building a new empire

  15. Black was trying speedrun not to get checkmate.

  16. Y'all are missing the point of black's strategy: 2 is greater than 1, so mate in 2 is obviously better than mate in 1, BUT , once he found the mate in 2 he realized 3 is greater than 2…

    …unfortunately he didn't have enough time to find the mate in 3, such a tragic end to a fearsome warrior

  17. You know it's 200 elo when the knights switch places

  18. He had a rook, a knight , a pawn, and three queens versus one pawn and still lost.

  19. This was a pain to watch. Thanks for going through the suffering xD

  20. Black now play B6 because its never too late to lose a pawn thats protected twice, so now its protected three times 😀

  21. I am quite a low level chess player but I still found this funny

  22. its gotta be intentional at that point. Im rated like 400 and somehow even I would luck into a mate at that point. iq below freezing

  23. 5:24, “Just ask the knight what his intentions are.”
    Hi Mr. Knight, I’d like to talk to you about what your intentions are. Right now you are attacking defended pieces so if you could please get out of that position. Thank you.

  24. bro harry didnt want to win in life he just wanted love

  25. Someone please tell me how many mates in 2+ were missed, because I bet that uts in the hundreds 😂

  26. 17:48 you are 200 elo too 😉 he done the "mate in one you pointed out"

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