5 Chess Games YOU MUST KNOW!

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5 Chess Games You Must Know

0:00 Intro
0:34 Game 1 – Morphy
7:28 Game 2 – Immortal
15:30 Game 3 – Evergreen
21:50 Game 4 – La Bourdonnais
28:32 Game 5 – Kasparov

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  1. at 27:39 there is no mate if white plays queen to d2, he resigned but had a chance to survive or even win

  2. Bro, it takes me like 8 hours to watch through your video and I DID NOT FORGET the audacity of b4. How would anyone forget that?

  3. On game 4 could white not move pawn to H4 then king to H2 after black promoted? I'm guessing it would still end in mate somehow but how?

  4. That opera game was mad. Sacrifices everything for a win

  5. I hesitate to post this because you are so f-ing smart you probably were joking. But if you did happen to brainfreeze on this expression…."evergreen" just means the game that never gets old…."forever green" like spring grass. If I just stated the overly-obvious please don't hate ….big fan! My game has gone from horrendous to fair. So thanks (700 to 950 in 5 weeks…in my 50s).

  6. I play hippo 🦛 and it’s way the best one if you know how 😛 90% of gain

  7. people in the past seem to play like computers, just willing to sacrifice for the greater good

  8. Absolutely entertaining! Great games, and the one by Kasparov is incredible

  9. great video but I think you should have included also Magnus vs Giri game where Magnus sacrificed the queen for 3 pieces, probably the best game I've seen

  10. I just love watching him explain ideas behind their moves, Such enthusiasm and personal like he is playing himself

  11. Karpov should have moved that pawn way earlier…

  12. I think this list is brilliant, but it's missing one more. The 17 pawn moves game shows the incredible power of solid pawn structures and taking space.

  13. The Three pawn game is an insane game it's the best

  14. "soon enough they will self destruct" I feel attacked

  15. The second game is absolutely incredible. Black had the whole army, with the exception of the loss of just 3 pawns, while white had sacrificed both rooks, the queen and a bishop. e5 was crazy to find out. That's a game that really looked unreal. Wow

  16. In the fourth game after the pawn moved to f2, why couldn’t black make the move qe1? 26:28

  17. I’m imagine Kasparov saying all this stuff that levy said in his head

  18. These games are a wild ride from start to finish. Loved hearing about them. Instantly subscribed.

  19. Ok. Botwinnik-Capablanca. Polugajevskji-Nezhmetdinov and Kasparow-Topalow must mentioned….😂

  20. Wow those sacrifices are terrifying but somehow work

  21. I NEED to study more of Anderssen's game WTF was game two???????

  22. I believe Bourdonnais would've just BMed and promoted to rook instead of queen

  23. Paul morphy went: oh no my queen

  24. Ahh nope if those rats are in my house I’m burning the whole neighbourhood down

  25. In the 4th game Qd2 and its not mate… And white could won…

  26. I am never going to play kasparov ever but he scared me through the screen

  27. You made Kasparov sound like a serial killer in that game LMAOO

  28. In 1970 I bought a book about chess. Right on the first page was the Opera game.

  29. İmagine a knight who is worth more than a queen

  30. Octopus knight was my favourite bit. Love your videos. Thankyou.

  31. The hooligan pawns had me laughing so hard!

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