35 Vital Chess Principles | Opening, Middlegame, and Endgame Principles – Chess Strategy and Ideas

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About This Video:

Clear and easy to follow, WITH EXAMPLES – the top 35 chess principles that EVERY chess player needs to know. These chess principles cover the opening, middlegame and endgame. Chess opening principles are crucial to help you get off to a good start. Chess middlegame principles are vital throughout the game. Chess endgame principles are important to finish off the game properly. These chess principles will take your chess strategy to the next level. These chess concepts and ideas are crucial to how to improve at chess. One of the best ways to improve your chess strategy, is to learn these important chess principles. These chess strategies will help your chess rating grow very rapidly. These chess principles are beneficial to beginners, intermediate chess players and advanced chess players as well. There are some beginner chess principles, some intermediate chess principles, and some advanced chess principles.


  1. This video has the highest value per minute I've ever seen. Nice work

  2. There were a few things I didn't know. Very important content. Things every chess player needs to know. Well done!

  3. Great lesson Nelson! Thank you. Recently discovered your channel when I was listening to you talking with Ben Johnson. Best of luck with the channel and I’m looking forward to watching the rest of your videos.

  4. You missed one of the most important principles to take you to the next level: to take us a mistake!

  5. I’m a mid level chess player yet learned a few principles from your advice. Thanks for the post.

  6. I have played alot of chess but I'm self taught. It's interesting how many of these rules I knew on my own without any training

  7. Rule no. 33 has been most inspiring. Don't hope on Hope chess !

  8. This is just what I needed. I'm ready for the next 35 ASAP!

  9. Thanks for video, very informative and helpful for starting to learn about chess, on step 34 it looks like knight can be taken by pawn in check, you said check mate was not easy to see but very good learning!!

  10. Great video! It immediately improves my game.
    One minor constructive criticism: it seemed like your explanations for each principle were not consistent. Some do the optimal explanation and explain why the principle should be followed, like the rooks & single file with two pawns ones, some have no real explanation at all and have to be induced (like the knights before bishops one), and others explain a concept like what a file is, but not the reason why the principle should be followed. Overall, though, most adhered to the first category and once again great video; thank you for creating it!

  11. bonus principIe, never trade anything, just capture πŸ˜‚

  12. POV: You already knew all of these and are still a terrible player.

  13. Can someone fill me in on how #34 was a checkmate? Couldn’t the pawn that was there take out that knight? Don’t you get to respond to the check if there’s an available move? I’m really kind of confused.

  14. Regarding principle #32, Soltis cited a maxim that "in middlegames with bishops of opposite colours, the player with the attack is a piece ahead".

  15. I agree with your tips for basic chess players but what people need to learn is theory to really dominate the game. Having most Theory down to the 15th or 17th move you're basically a Grandmaster.

  16. I get that the black horseys are called "nights", but shouldn't the white horseys be called "days"?

    (This is a joke, for anyone who would get whooshed).

  17. Hey, I was here before when I started my journey with chess few months ago. It was difficult to understand all the principles and remember them. After those few months I can see much value in those so thank you for it.

  18. Thanks for these great guidelines. Do you feel that it's helpful to train against Stockfish daily?

  19. Thanks for the vid, very simple and practical.

  20. Thanks Nelson- that's really compact and useful

  21. I've been playing for two weeks. This video is incredible helpful!

  22. Be sure to play people you can beat, then gradually increase the number of people you play whom you CAN’T beat!

  23. Principal 32 is more useful than 31

  24. If I could add another principle. Beware of gifts.

  25. Great vid!! Thanks for sharing. Just a quick general tip for your videos:
    When you create timestaps it allows viewers to get back to specific principles whenever they want to recap or just get straight to where they are interested in πŸ™‚
    I would also divide this video into multiple themed videos with more game examples.


  26. Knight to D6 is not a checkmate the pawn can take over knight then that's gonna be free

  27. Even after a year from viewing this video, I'm finding myself watching over and over again. Really good stuff here and the view count proves it.
    1,043,126 views on 5/6/2022

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