318 billion different possible positions after 4 moves

Made by @HarrisAlterman

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  1. during end game theres more possiblites than atoms in the universe and people have to think of that (chess blindness)

  2. How many possible positions are there after 1 move?

  3. There are 380 billion possible positions

    Them: plays scholars mate every time

  4. all those possibilities, yet only like 1% of the moves are good/logical moves

  5. Against 1. d4 I like to play the Old Benoni: 1. d4 c5. Very fun if they take the c5 pawn

  6. That one friend when he takes a game to serious

  7. Mad respects to the guy who found all 318Billion positions

  8. me: moves once
    hikaru: wow he just blundered mate in 72,084

  9. And the Rubik’s cube has 43 quintillion possible positions

  10. There are more possible ways a chess game can play out than atoms in the universe

  11. Tree of chess has more possibilities than atoms in universe

  12. And out of all those positions grandmasters still manage to play the best moves

  13. 72 thousand after 2 moves? No way it’s that many

  14. Just play Indian game
    Trust me
    It works

  15. Some of those possible moves include to let your king walk into the enemy and lose really fast. Many moves become unplayable since you cant put your king on attacked spots or open up to your king.

  16. Not true it depends how they are playing

  17. There were 318 billion possible moves and you made the worst one of them

  18. Nothing wrong with the London
    It’s Ol’ Reliable

  19. Can someone explain the math between different possible positions? Seems like a lot for an 8×8 board

  20. Don't the number of positions decrease with increase in moves??

  21. I'm sorry but those numbers are incorrect.
    I've crunched the numbers for you…
    The number of distinct chess positions after White’s first move is 20 (16 pawn moves and 4 knight moves). There are 400 distinct chess positions after two moves (first move for White, followed by first move for Black). There are 5,362 distinct chess positions or 8,902 total positions after three moves (White’s second move). There are 71,852 distinct chess positions or 197,742 total positions after four moves (two moves for White and two moves for Black). There are 809,896 distinct positions or 4, 897,256 total positions after 5 moves. There are 9,132,484 distinct positions or 120,921,506 total positions after 6 moves (three moves for White and three moves for Black). The total number of chess positions after 7 moves is 3,284,294,545. The total number of chess positions is about 2×10 to the 46 power🤔👍

  22. I've literally gotten 5 messages from openents saying "Ew" when I play the London 😂

  23. 318 billion but only one is good so London it is

  24. i just beat marton with schoolers mate in 4 moves meaning out of the 318b possalbe pos he

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