THIS 3 YEAR OLD CHESS PRODIGY STUNS A WORLD CHAMPION, this is one of the craziest plays in the world, This 3 year old plays a world champ, find out in this action packed chess match between Anatoly Karpov and Misha Osipov.

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  1. He is the youngest chess master/grandmaster

  2. I was still learning to not pee my pants at 3 🤪

  3. its levels to this young chump… keep up the good work kid

  4. The kid got something in his ear. They tell him what to do. Comon

  5. I tried to watch without the annoying commentary but the camera dances around so much, this was not possible – goodbye

  6. Could this 3 year old prodigy be the reincarnation of a chess master in a past life?

  7. TWO OUTSTANDING GENTLEMEN. May their tribe increase. What a relief from all the gore and cheating elsewhere today,

  8. The reason Karpov offered the draws is probably because of this:
    If Karpov loses to a 3 year old, he’s considered bad.
    But if a 3 year old loses to Karpov, they say Karpov was too mean

  9. This child is A.I.created ….already has been disproved

  10. Wow! Just a baby! Blessed for sure

  11. Kid better make the best out of the 15 years he's got left cause at 18 Putin's gonna send him to Ukraine front lines.

  12. Bring some more kids, Anatoly gonna destroy all

  13. the 3 year old is now 10… in case you are wondering

  14. You made me not want to watch the rest of your video. 2.4 minutes. From a Cook Islander never going to watch the rest or subscribe

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