20 Chess Rules Everyone Should Know

These are 20 rules in chess that everyone should know before playing!

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  1. Several centuries ago it was not the rule that White moves first – at least in some countries.

  2. Your explanation of 3-fold repetition is wrong. I must be the same position with the same available moves (castling, en-passent).
    What do you think, ist he difference between an illegal move and a wrong move?

  3. Man what if I tuned out right before you clarified “BOOB” wasn’t real?! 😂🤷‍♂️

  4. Promotion to pieces other than queen is another relatively obscure one.

  5. The explanation of limits on castling is inaccurate. It says, "If an opponents piece controls a square between the king and the rook then castling cannot be done." But black could control b1 (and only b1 in the range a1 to d1) and, assuming no other limit breached, white could still castle long. The rook can move through a controlled square when castling. Be good to correct this as it is a beginners video and I was looking for useful ones for students. This fails in that regard.

  6. Il vaticano is not a real chess move, just like the double fianchetto opening (which my friend always plays with people who don't really know the rules, consisting on moving both you b and g pawn to b3 and g3 in one move)

  7. another rule is that you cannot capture your own pieces
    chatGPT did that a lot of times

  8. As I'm sure some have pointed out that example you put as draw by insufficient material was a checkmate…major fail

  9. #1 il vaticano is not real. Its a fake rule

  10. You forgot to mention that it’s allowed to say “adjust” “compongo” or any language reference to adjust a piece so it’s not considered touched before moving

  11. So what is illegal about the thumbnail?

  12. I tryed paying the last rule on a computer and it diden,t work😂

  13. I had no clue what il vaticano was

  14. De todos os 20, eu só não conhecia o 5, o 2 e o 1.

  15. Just for completness: There are three types of casteling. The short casteling to the king side rook, long casteling to the queen side rook and an extra long casteling to a rook on the e file. For the last mentioned option a pawn has to be promoted on the e file to a rook and must not be moved as well as the king. If there is no check and the square in front of the king is not under the opponent's controle, all conditions for this extra long casteling move are obsereved. For white the king moves to e3 and the rook to e2.

  16. So, lighter color pieces move first, but what if you have a set with bright blue and neon orange pieces of the exact same brightness? What happens then?

  17. So, I actually encountered the 50 move rule as a kid. I was playing LEGO Chess against the AI and had managed to get into a King and Pawn vs King and Pawn end game. Problem was, the pawns were on the same file, face to face, and both kings were positioned in ways that made any sort of approach impossible. So the game just kinda went on until suddenly… "Stalemate! 50 moves were made without a capture or a pawn move!" The only difference is that in LEGO Chess, the 50 move rule is a forced stalemate like the 75 move rule.

  18. The vaticano move doesn't exist in the game.

  19. Il vaticano is fake. It was made up on reddit or something.

  20. Very good video. One important thing that you missed is that the 3 fold repetition is not just visual position. It has to be EXACTLY the same. For example, if I moved a tower from its starting point and then back to its place, then you can say it is the same visual position than before. BUT! Before that move, I was able to castle and now I can't, so it doesn't count as the same position and it can not be counted for the 3 fold repetition. This also aplies, for example, if the same visual position is repeated but the player's turn is different. You can not count thay as a repetition because it isn't the same game position, even if it is the same visually.

  21. The stock footage at 6 made an illegale move, queen from a black square diagonaly to a white square

  22. rule 10: correction, you can't castle if one of the square where the king go is controled by the opponent piece.

    it is more clear if castle on the Queen side, the king move two squares, only if on of the two squares is controled, then you can't castle. if it is the square next to the rook that is controled by the opponent, then you can castle.

  23. Downvote and unsubscribe at Il Vaticano. Before that, 10/10.

  24. Well done. The only reason I watched this entire video was to hear about a rule that isn't actually a rule.

  25. i thought il vaticano was made up by anarchy chess

  26. why are yuu confusing people with a fake move il vaticano?

  27. The reason why en passant was created was because originally pawns only were allowed to move one square.. but to speed up games they let pawns move two squares and made it so they can still be taken but only on the next turn… Changed the game a tiny bit because originally you were not forced to capture on the next move if the pawn moved the one space… Should be as long as the en passant can be played it should be allowed…

  28. Il vaticano is a new one on me. I don't play often but I studied correct play in my youth and that was never taught in any of the books or resources or by any senior players. In fact, quite often I was the only one in the room who knew en passant to the chagrin of many older players.

  29. One thing was forgotten: On promoting a pawn on the first or 8th rank, the exchange to any piece is allowed, except a king or remaining a pawn. You can thus promote your pawn to a piece of your opponent’s colour, theoretically checkmating your own king. It’s called the Japanese kamikaze promotion. It took place for the first time in 1964 between Tal and Fischer in Tokyo. Hence the name.

  30. you can win with 2 bishops but not two knightsy9ou will draw first with knights. All but number 1

  31. Now i know how to preform B-O-O-B, Thanks!

  32. I love how 3:20 and 3:23 are both Hikaru but one says when you play it on new chess players and he’s rubbing his hands and the next one says the look and their faces and again he’s looking confused after apparently just playing it himself 😂😂😂

  33. I love how chess allows you to mate your opponent when he has material vs when they don’t. So a knight or bishop vs a king is a draw only if you opponent has no other pieces. But if they do and very unfortunately move to a escape square and is put in check, it’ll be mate. And another famous draw is draw with two knights. If your opponent has literally any other pieces even a pawn that can move, a checkmate is possible and legally so. So the thing with two knight is you have to have the opponent’s king in a stalemate position before you can remaneuver your other knight to checkmate the king. The problem is that once in the stalemate position and you move your other knight somewhere to come back on a square to checkmate, it’s already stalemate but it’s possible when the opponent has other legal moves in between. I think there was a game between Sergey Karjakin and some other guy who had a pawn and promoted it to a queen on the other side while he was in that stalemate position and one of the players checkmated the other. But it’s a very hard thing to do because if you let the pawn move, the opponent will keep pushing the pawn until it either promotes or gets captured and then it’ll be a stalemate. So you have to actually place one of your knights in front of the pawn ( not control that square but in front because otherwise your opponent would push ) at some point so the opponent’s king has to move every move. Until it gets to a corner and get mated while moving the pawn.

  34. The rule that you have to touch your king first to castle and not the rook is a dumb rule

  35. my favorite move. #1 "IL VATICANO"! LOL

  36. Il vaticano is a fake chess move invented by the AnarchyChess subreddit

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