12-Year-Old Kid Crushes Chess Pro

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  1. Levy is now the Demolished Noob, how does it feel huh?

  2. I love how he named himself "'International Master' Demolished Noob"

  3. the thing about this video that stuck to me most was not the chess but the fact that levy knows ufc

  4. A wise man once said
    "if you are defeat by one so young than you are no Pro"
    levi you have disappointed me , now go do some puzzles

  5. Technically you only used half of your pieces because you never moved 5 pawns and the 2 pieces so almost half while tani ultilized all but 3 pawns this was an interesting game

  6. Your first big screw up was 6… Nc6, why not e6 that is so natural??? But the real humongous blunder was long castle, why??? Just Rc8 is perfectly fine.

  7. Tani also beat botez like a baby. this kid is just insane

  8. I always love watching Tani play chess, mainly because his opponents are always rigid and only really move when they move a piece. Tani being a kid on the other hand, is always squirmy, fidgety and bouncy just with all that kid energy. It never takes away from his focus though, always laser locked in

  9. i lost chess tournemant in school in quarters but it was unfair ppl was helping the other dude told the teachers to like say this aint fair they told at start it cheat but they said continue like how unfair is that

  10. This little guy is the dream of any employer. 20 years of employer at 12 years old. GG

  11. I love the way you talk about chess! Subbed!

  12. I love how gotham changed the nickname of his profile to “Demolished Noob” in the game breakdown.

  13. i love what you did. you won plenty other game after the first match but you didnt show the other games in the vidieo

  14. Is it just me or has no one else seen Gotham with a real chess board

  15. 12:29 what if you did Kd6? Just wandering while watching this video my elo is 500

  16. the 8 year old guy plays so offensively thats insane

  17. Levi sometimes it feels like you want others to win (why dont ypu play seriously)

  18. This is one of the most gorgeous mates I’ve ever seen😂 gg

  19. Gotham bro i am not a master of chess like you i play casually but from your videos i have seen that you play only on one side of board your bishop and rook got stuck hence they don't get engaged in fight. what Tani did after you gave him check was he moved his king on e2 giving space to king also providing both rooks adequate horizontal space to move and get engaged in fight… please don't think i am criticizing you… you are still a awesome player… reach pinnacles bro.. cheers❤❤

  20. Yeah Levy… why don't you practice what you preach Mr. Development? Too elite for your own prescription? it's funny how you tear into n00bs but also do such n00by things. Aaaayyy Levy…

  21. I can't see the pro here, just a trash chess player called Levy. (JK Levy, you inspire me to learn chess. Just causal trolling, but big fan)

  22. Don't worry man your king showed leadership and courage by going to war without his soldiers and dying in battle 😅

  23. I have 1 friend he has like 3 books and he is very good he is 11

  24. A lot of chess Prodigies are a little bit weird but he seemed like a cool kid.

  25. How does one grow up 4 years in the span of about 2

  26. i like levy. i had my doubts when he seemed to fall in love with niemann but i think levy is awesome. thanks for this vid man. 😀 btw Levy, where did your french accent come from?

  27. Making your bed does not mean you are responsible. It just means you are not a total slob on camera.
    Thanks for the consideration. 🙂

  28. Why don't you guys play for money!!??? (In no way can Chess be gambling. There is nothing random about it. It is all skill. People will not be betting on you.)
    Oh, forget it. Sorry, I forgot.
    But you can play for food stamp cards! Or just Lava lamps. Make it interesting. Play for something! 🙂

  29. Tani is incredible can you give me some more tips? I'm a noob at chess.

  30. When Levi titled himself a demolished noob I cracked up 🤣💀

  31. is it me or this guy sound like ferran from the royalty family

  32. Ah yes, Levy breaking into a house just to get content for us 💪

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