11 year old beats a Grandmaster & SMILES! #shorts

That happiness after beating a GM! 🔥

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Be very happy little one because being a chess nerd chances are you won't get a girlfriend so be happy in any way it comes along.

  2. Kid turned on the auto-queen in his settings- amateur move. 🤣

  3. GM moves? You were joking, man … 😢😢😢

  4. I love the way the kid went from smiling because he won into a serious face to not rub it in the grandmaster

  5. He learned to shake his jowls from Kasparov

  6. You can see that he trying to not smile in front of his opponent but he cannot contain it

  7. That kid is a Kungfu Master, no wonder hr beat a Grandmaster

  8. He tries to hide his smile or not?😂 imao a good mix of self confidence and respect for the opponent

  9. how is this guy a gm missing the nf6 idea? i mean idk maybe he played the most accurate in that position i didnt analyze it, but to me it doesnt seem like gm play

  10. Sorry but if young boy defeats an aged person he is not an grandmaster at all.

  11. Resignation is not the option at all you always have a way to win👍🏻

  12. Chees is one of the sport whrere kids and grand pa can be the opponents..

  13. He can take the knight after taking the pawn

  14. خیلی راحت احسان میتونست ببره…حتمانخواست …

  15. Aplausos 👏👏👏👏👏👏 para Egor ❤ ✨️🇵🇪✨️

  16. This young boy will be just a normal grand master if ever he reached gm. Due to his arrogance. The way he gazed opponent player was simple underestimating him.

  17. Nao importa noq sempre havera ima crianca melhor wue vc

  18. This kid needs to pull back before he overdoses on his own sense of self. I watched another video where he maddogs a the player across the board after making a series of winning moves. Sure you're winning , kid but don't be an asshole about it.

  19. If that black rook takes the knight then the pawn is unstoppable from promotion

  20. Who is this brilliant cute little boy?

  21. I hope that kid also plays basketball and watches Netflix.

  22. no surprise. My nephew is 2 years old and has already beaten Magnus Carlsen and Bobby Fischer together

  23. Bro already took out queen because he knew he will promote for sure

  24. he cleared the confusion by showing the text
    "11 year old"
    on screen

  25. The bro who readied his queen,
    the gm knows that shit gets real

  26. His got the signature head shake of a GM too at the end of a match, albeit happier still. lol

  27. Classical OTB chess is exhausting man. Sometimes you’re playing a game for 5 hours.

    That’s a smile of relief and exhaustion if anything.

  28. Wait is a gm how gm play so bad he was fork 2 times literally

  29. This really shows that practice and dedication can lead to victory in every challenge

  30. If the old man is a grandmaster, then I'm better than hikaru 😂😂😂

  31. A cara do vagabundo quando ganha kkkk

  32. Does the 11 year old have a name? Does the Grandmaster have a name? I think at least their names should appear in the description of the video.

  33. The first of many greatest moments of his life. I look forward to watching him develop

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