11 Ways To Use Your Bishops Effectively

Practical tips and tricks on how you can use your bishops in chess.

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  1. Bishop plus queen ,have done this .

  2. Another great video. Nelson just goes from strength to strength. Well done again. You never fail to deliver good content. I can’t think of one video that was not helpful or not worth watching.
    Also Nelson if you can is it possible to do something on square theory . I read somewhere that as players get to 1800 + they think more in terms of key squares rather than pieces / material. Would it be possible to explain this in your unique . I get confused for example when comments such as a certain square eg d5 is the key square in this position and the fight for x square is vital for an advantage. Can you explain this please. 🙏🏼 thanks

  3. Excellent lesson. All of these tips and guidelines are super important and I haven't seen them all covered in a lesson like this. Thank you!

  4. I've won many games where I pin the knight with the bishop, then when it gets kicked around by the pawns I put it behind the queen to make a battery. At my level most people don't see it especially in bullet.

  5. one of the most educational channels, thanks my man Nelson

  6. These last few lessons have been great! Keep up the good work!

  7. Just beat my uncle who’s a master with the Danish gambit today! Inspiration from one of your videos.

  8. 20:48 You could've also moved rook d1 to d8 for checkmate

    Edit: Nevermind I didn't notice the rook c8 on black team

  9. respectful sir Thanks alot for all of ur detailed video i wish that may u get more than a millon subscriber.No where else on youtube could find so much deeply explained video for free. Love from India

  10. Double Fianchetto reminds me of turret towers

  11. I always sacrifice my bishop to open up the the castle

  12. An old chess book my dad had called "Chess for the Beginner" (I think it may have been written by Frank Marshall, actually) gave a bunch of pieces of opening advice, one of which was that you should "never" pin your opponent's king knight before they have castled, especially if you have already castled on the kingside. While "never" is too dogmatic (see for example the QGD Orthodox Defence variation in the video) it makes some sense. At least, if your opponent has castled kingside and you haven't, pinning their king knight can be quite effective.

  13. One month of watching your videos and I progressed from always losing to stockfish 3 to almost always winning!

  14. A pawn defending a bishop is so annoying when you only have a rook against it.

  15. Nelson how to beat your bot? He loves getting outta queen early and trading queen but still win :/

  16. very helpful but you forgot the most important one: know when to break the rules and just go for something

  17. Question: @2:09 if the g pawn captures f6, yes, white forces a double isolated pawn, but doesn't this develop black's rook? Can you explain why this is more advantageous for white?

    Thank you!

  18. Their have been a lot of times my opponent played g5 and they had already castled and I just crushed them

  19. Nelson, are knights stil your favorite piece?

  20. 9:01 in this position, White can go Ng5, attacking Black's Bishop, and at the same time guarding h3, stopping them from getting anything with the battery. Anytime you want to do that maneuver, if there is a Knight that can attack your Bishop while at the same time guarding the infiltration square, you probably should play a pawn move to guard that, so they can't stop you.

  21. 6:32 Yes! I used this when I was a kid playing against other guys and it worked about two out of three times!

  22. Very Instrcutive and Not time consuming at all

  23. All I learned is that bishops are better then knights late game. Says something about my level.

  24. I enjoyed this one I’m not really big on Bishops but so many of my opponents like to use them for pins so many players also bring them to the second file second rank in opening moves you gave some good points especially about the way they can help in making a net for checkmate

  25. I also value having the bishop pair complete. It's my favorite piece. I always like trading a knight for one of his bishops whenever the opportunity is slightly favorable for me.

  26. Thanks James 111 Great Video Tal my favorite player as well ☮️ ♟️💯

  27. The way you lay these videos out is perfect! Concise and brings a lot of info to the table, thank you.

  28. great tips how to use bishops effectively,
    made similar topic about chess on my channel, any feedback is greatly appreciate,
    all the best, thanks

  29. Good explanation, I only need you to put out a memorizing page just like you did at the end of 35 Chess Principles.

  30. Another tip for further depth:when the queen took the bishop and you took the pawn with knight there was a fork if you could see it on c7 unless the queen falls back

  31. I am partial to using bishops side by side, if the opponent lets me.

  32. And then he sacrifices THE BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. And then he sacrifices THE ROOOOOOOOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. I have a book by Bobby Fischer and it rates bishops at 3.3 points, versus knights at 3.

  35. Your lessons helps out beginner like me a ton

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