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  1. At the beginning of the video, we can see the move “e4” and for the first time in my life I see him stoop to the right saying, “Let me just, ah” instead of “Sorry about that”!

  2. this looks ALOT like my Blitz games when I began online chess, i was the one making the blunders though…

  3. it looks as if mr hoodie guy is named Emanuel Lasker the way that name is put, somehow I don't think he would fall for cheap trics like this.

  4. Great video !
    PS: does anyone knows what is the hoodie's brand ? I found a similar one years but I completely forgot the brand… Thanks!

  5. 1 min silence for hoodie guy who completely got wrecked 😔

  6. all the blunders from hoodie guy leave a hole in my heart

  7. Hey at 10:47 you said there are no more checks, but why can't black go Bc5+? if the pawn blocks, then you take the pawn en passant with check, then only white's queen and bishop can pointlessly block for two moves, then its checkmate that way.

    If I'm wrong, somebody tell me how please.

  8. I had Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition software by Ubisoft, about 10 years ago, It was amazing.

  9. My first chess video I have ever seen, was yours from WCHCH Carlsen vs Caruana. It was definatelly great, but this is mutch better for beginners. It´s short and funny 🙂

  10. Pls keep posting such small video of greco👍

  11. "Comment and good things will happen !" Agadmator.

  12. ..i hope this doesnt scare beginners away

  13. I'll remember not to wear a hoodie next time I meet Greco

  14. The Latvian gambit , is totally crazy. You will almost always lose to a "prepared" / knowledgeable opponent. , but if not go Bezerk with it and you have real good chances to win.

  15. Greco is literally the only chess player that does not lose a single game. This must have been the time where there weren't any grandmasters back when chess was played, so if Greco were to play in modern times, then he would've lost some games.

  16. So … Magness didn't stop playing chess, it was just a 4/1 joke

  17. In this variation its easy to blunder your hoodie, but Antonio did not.

  18. Im new to chess and this greco guys games are sneaky!

  19. Why in games 7, 8 and 9 the Hoodie Guy resigned the game if he hadn't lost it yet? Sure, he lost the Queen, but I'm sure he can still go on

  20. So basically, I’m hoodie guy. 😑🙃

    (the one thing I don’t have when I play chess is patience)

    “and that is why you fail” -yoda

  21. This sadly reminds me of myself, Mr. Hoodie. My games are not lost quite as fast but they are lost foolishly. Hopefully, you will decide to add more games of this nature as they are easier to understand from a beginning perspective. Thanks for doing this, just wish you had added the moves as you do with other games.

  22. I saw a video from you about the superman rook. Please explain the Graco attack

  23. Agad's hoodie is what got me interested in chess.

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