10 Best Chess Moves EVER PLAYED

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10 Best Moves Ever 🙂

0:00 Intro
1:01 Game 1
3:35 Game 2
7:11 Game 3
10:19 Game 4
13:57 Game 5
17:32 Game 6
21:05 Game 7
25:11 Game 8
28:33 Game 9

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  1. You have so many boring boring videos. Maybe this wasn't one of them? I will ever know. You've turned me off completely so I cannot watch this.

  2. 4:56 bro I’m 600 and that’s the first thing I thought of I’m so smart

  3. Loveddd the thumbnaill… Levy as super saiyan rose❤✌

  4. could you please make videos on same openings played by different GMs

  5. This is joke
    I think it is funny
    I understand it could be sensitive but it isn't like im actually hurting anyone

    Levy's nose is a little small to not like Nazis

    I repeat it is just a joke I don't like the Nazis either

  6. I might be stupid but in game one couldn’t pawn take rook? Or is there something I’m completely not seeing?

  7. What do I win for guessing bishop g5 from alpha zero?

  8. 5:20

    This one aged like fine wine with what ChatGPT has shown us in recent days

  9. Yk what's insane? I actually found the move in the 8th one the mysterious Germans one, I was actually so shocked that I got it, and I'm currently a 600 , which just makes me confident that I can one day become a grandmaster , and so can you guys, never give up

  10. Ok but the anand hanging 3 pieces against aronian imo is a top 10 move/game of all time

  11. 16:10. I know people say this a lot but I got it first try. I have no idea why this move was played but that doesn't stop me from guessing it

  12. The gold coin game is better than the number 1 tho.

  13. lol in game 5 i saw the move bishop g5 too, i was like what is every legal move white can do 😂😂😂

  14. Im a 500 rated player and I found the move queen c7 and I got very proud of myself haha

  15. what i got from this is that u need to sacrifice your queen to win

  16. 25:20 just one question, why not rook e8 isn’t that just a free queen? and black cant checkmate after trades because bishop h2 so why not just win the queen

  17. I get so lost in your examples that i forget what actually happened

  18. I found the move pawn to b3 and i wasnt on anydrugs

  19. I actually saw Queen C7🤣🤣 im 800 idk why but It just looked right

  20. 1:50 in this position you can do Pxb6 right? And then Nd3 then c4 and then you are unstopble tell me if there is something wrong

  21. "You lose to boom and now boom and if king h7 you lose to boom"
    I'm knew to this channel but what i can say is, that i already gonna love every single video i haven't watched yet

  22. been standing most our life, you and i we gangsta's paradise

  23. this is prety weird when Levy started to talk on russian… i was rly shocked

  24. “One was a Nazi, the other was not, so you know who’s side I’m on”

    so you r on trommsdorf side right?….. RIGHT?

  25. One for each color? Both times it was the black rook

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