#1 Magnus v Ex-Blitz Champ MVL In Winners Final! Alireza, Giri In Losers Bracket | AI Cup 2023 Day 3

The inaugural AI Cup is the sixth and last regular season knockout as the race to reach the CCT Finals of this year’s prestigious $2 million tour reaches its climax! Magnus Carlsen, the world number-one and reigning Tour champion, takes center stage in Division I having qualified as winner of the previous leg.

The Champions Chess Tour 2023 (CCT) is a massive chess circuit that includes six events that take place throughout the year and end with live in-person Finals. Featuring the world’s top players and a prize fund of $2,000,000, the CCT is Chess.com’s biggest event thus far.

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  1. Something is clear to me that I haven't heard others say in so many words: after achieving so much, Magnus feels he can afford to be a sportsman , preferring an interesting scrap even if it puts him at a slight disadvantage. Playing into opponent's strength, making wry, topical or quirky moves to entertain and keep it fun to watch. Bravo for that, Magnus.

  2. That match between MVL and Carlsen leading into Armageddon is probably the best short match I've ever seen. Incredibly dynamic risky positions executed almost flawlessly for 4 straight games. Beautiful beautiful chess. I feel like we got better quality play there than in the recent WCCs somehow, and on top of that in brave positions.

  3. Magnus must have wrong settings on the mic. Does it pick up sound from where it's pointed? Or does it pick up sound downwards. It sounds terrible, and I know it shouldn't.

  4. i dont get it how is that blonde presenter is still having this job. 95% of sentences comes out of her mouth just doesnt make any sense and you can see shes so uncomfortable doing this job.

  5. Always Magnus, and magnus Always… Again Again Again….

    Please Nerf Magnus Carlsen.. 😂😂😂😂

    The GOAT

  6. "Can I finally play some poker now?" – Magnum Carlos

  7. Respect to MVL for not pushing for the flag.

  8. 5:53:52
    but to try flag it was probably useless. Carlsen had 1.58, black to move , plenty of time to trade pawns and to make 50 rook moves he can without calculations. I put times and final position on Stockfish .
    Remaining game was very short
    54…Re2 55. Rh7+ Kf8 56.Kd6 Re5 57.Rc7 Rxf5 58.Ke6 Rf1 59.Rf7+Ke8 60.Ra7 Kf8 61.Rf7+ Ke8 62.Ra7 Kf8 63.Rf7 + draw. Stockfish did not try to flag me even though it had 1.08 more on clock and we played without increments. Of course human could play different moves, but after that white pawn was gone, flagging attempt seemed hopeless.

  9. Invite Nihal for a change instead of Alireza… need to see how he performs amongst the big 💪🏽

  10. 1:40:17 …Alireza is not a Frenchman. A Frenchman is by definition: a man who is French by birth or descent. Alireza is none of that. He is Iranian, both by birth and descent.
    But yes, he got the French Passport since a few years. I thought, the commentators shall be informed about the players, they are going to comment on 😉

  11. I literally had to watch this on mute because Kaja is honestly impossible to listen to 🥴. She seems nice but yeah it’s like nails on a chalkboard sometimes.

  12. you as commentator of chess tournaments/vlogs, why were you kept on saying castle, long castle when referring on the move of the king and rook at the same time. While the google, dictonaries are telling us that the more proper and acceptable way of moving king and rook at one time is the word castiling and castling only. Do you have your own study about the word castle vs. the right term casting? there are millions of chess players around the world. Its only proper that they will learn the exact term for this one.

  13. Tanya is very beautiful.I like that straight hair of Tanya.

  14. Tonya-“David good friend of Magnus, do you know something we don’t ?” David-“No comment Tonya”…😂

  15. Couldn't agreed more. Huge respect to the Frenchmen

  16. 5:54:50 looks like Howell wants to kill himself for talking with these two idiot commentators

  17. MVL should be there with Hikaru and Magnus.

  18. MVL has really impressed me, he played a 99.8 percent accuracy game the first game and pushed magnus into a blunder the third game at the endgame portion which is magnuses strength.

    He also mentioned he doesn't study chess and all the theory like its his job, he just learns as he plays. The dude has a degree in mathematics and is doing his PhD. in applied mathematics.

    He really does embody the title 'The professor'

  19. I would love a version with no commentators. All those scenarios just distract you from the game.

  20. I hope the player's doesn't hear the comments….you can't focus hearing them

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