1.e4 Chess opening names (www.Chessworld.net … Improve menu .. Learn from Masters – Try it Out!)

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  1. Great video!  It really helped me figure out that as a player (if playing the White pieces) you must consider what options Black has if the main line of a defense is not played.

  2. Very clear overview kingscrusher. What software did you use? It looks nice.

  3. I play a lot of the Caro kann defence. Any pointer to watch out for? John

  4. 3:22 was really hilarious..! Please can we have some more of those in your future videos.

  5. Sicilian Question:
    After 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 the move 3. Bc4 is not present in any opening book. I presume this is because it is a mistake and exploitable. If so, what are ways to exploit that move?

  6. "f5 is just rubbish you shouldn't ever play it but it's called the Fred."

    lol that was funny xD

  7. Where can I find this wiki mate? Thanks for making these entertaining movies!

  8. I downloaded Brutal Chess Freeware and I like to play the rather unusual sicilian line 1.e4 – 2.c5 – 3.c4 – 4.e6 – 5.f5 – 6.Nf6 – 7.e5 – 8.Ne4 – 9.Nc3 – 10.Nc3 – 11.d2xc3 (which leads to a doublepawn and a free queen file) – 12.Be7 – 13.a3 – 14.Nc6 – 15.b4 – 16.xb4 – 17.d3xc4 (to get rid of the DP) – 18.a4 – 19.b5 (forcing the Knight to retreat) – 20.Nb8 – 21.a4 – aso. The goal is to build an occasional castle on white's Queenside and force black not to develop his pieces and castle kingside.

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  10. Great feature, I wanted a resource that supplied information about the plans involved in various openings, and most sites and programs only give a nameless book line.

  11. perhaps there could be a feature for users to comment on the entries? This would allow members to contribute and perhaps posts could be promoted to the main text

  12. 3:21 I am going to become world champion while utilizing … "THE FRED" !

  13. This is from my own site – Chessworld(dot)net – the Masters collection feature

  14. Yes it is in the title now 🙂 – Chessworld(dot)net – Improve menu – Learn from the masters

  15. Hi all – this resource is from my own Chess server which I am the webmaster of for the last 11 years – chessworld(dot)net -> Improve menu -> Learn from Masters. Please come and try this resource and maybe play a few games there too 🙂 Cheers, K

  16. If you would like annotations added for particular move sequences of interest, please let me know in the comments here and I will try and put them on this explorer resource when I have time 🙂

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  18. Are there any videos or information about the reasons, or theories behind these openings. I'd rather not memorize these openings and variations. But instead learn how to react properly.

  19. This video was great. I would like to an overview of 1.Qd4 openings please? Also, the Reti (1.Nf3) and all the possible transpositions into other openings (both K- and Q-side) would be cool. Thanks!

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