01 – Piece Movement (How to move the Chess Pieces?) | Chess

Rook, Bishop, Queen, King, Knight, and Pawn

0:58 – Rook
2:02 – Bishop
3:01 – Queen
4:12 – King
5:25 – Knight
8:08 – Pawn

How does the Rook move?
How does the Bishop move?
If the Bishop starts on the dark square, what color square must it land on?
The Queen is the most what in the game?
What two pieces can the Queen move like?
The King is the most what in the game?
How many squares can the King move?
The Knight moves in the shape of what capital letter?
The Knight moves in what pattern?
The Knight is the only piece in the game that can do what?
How does a Pawn normally move?
If the Pawn has never been touched before, how many squares can it move?
What is the only way the Pawn can capture?
What happens when the Pawn reaches to the other side of the board?

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  1. The knight can also move 1 then 2 and slide to the side. Still an L, but 1 space then 2

  2. You are competent teacher. The best comprehensive explantion I've come across thus far. Thank you!

  3. A real excellent teacher.. He made the game so easy… 😊

  4. He is best chess teacher I learn easy thanks to post this video in youtube 😊


  6. Amaan Zahid khans gaming world and vlogs says:

    Thank you so much

  7. Amaan Zahid khans gaming world and vlogs says:

    I learned it now

  8. Very nice l can completely understand thanks 👍👍👍

  9. You are the best man haha, i understand how to move that shit now

  10. I like your explaining way you are explaining in easy way my chess teacher can't explain in this way

  11. How did pawn capture its side pawn when it is stucked

  12. I'm starting to know how to do it thanks coach DAT

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