01 – Piece Movement (How to move the Chess Pieces?) | Chess

Rook, Bishop, Queen, King, Knight, and Pawn

0:58 – Rook
2:02 – Bishop
3:01 – Queen
4:12 – King
5:25 – Knight
8:08 – Pawn

How does the Rook move?
How does the Bishop move?
If the Bishop starts on the dark square, what color square must it land on?
The Queen is the most what in the game?
What two pieces can the Queen move like?
The King is the most what in the game?
How many squares can the King move?
The Knight moves in the shape of what capital letter?
The Knight moves in what pattern?
The Knight is the only piece in the game that can do what?
How does a Pawn normally move?
If the Pawn has never been touched before, how many squares can it move?
What is the only way the Pawn can capture?
What happens when the Pawn reaches to the other side of the board?

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  1. hey coach dat its brooklyn and amyri💰 i ❤ chess from brooklyn and amyri good video😉😌😁😚

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  5. You talk me how to play AND I WON MY BROTHER THANK YOU SO MUCH

  6. นอง เสียงหล่อ says:

    If you put the knight upside-down it looks like a letter L.

  7. good explanation. I am beginner in the chess. so useful

  8. My mum wants me to get to learn chess

  9. I'm tutoring kids to write a chess game. Thanks a million for your great chess lessons! I have to learn chess systematically now.

  10. The best video I have seen on YouTube about piece movement.

    A huge shout out to this guy

  11. Hay C D ! Thank You so much for such excellent productions. The visuals and commentary are 0f such complainant oto one another. Your instruction is clear and concise. Your Host Demeanor is inviting and pleasant while maintaining a viewers focused attention. I'm not a new player, I'm of intermediate skill and to my surprise, even your more elementary Videos are of benefit because of their being done with such a high level of Professionalism. Hats Off my Friend, Blessings to Ya from The Oregon Chess Baron. See the very 1st Page Hit Hosted by Google Search At: Google's: "Oregon Mike H' I've Subscribed with ALL Notifications turned On! ….. Mike H Chess Baron.

  12. I love the way you teach. I've been using the way you teach the game to my nephews and nieces cause you have an easy way to understand it. Greetings from New Zealand.

  13. Thank you I hope to be one of the good chess players

  14. amazing i as looking for this kind of video..thanks alotttt you explained very well

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  19. The Knight was the one I had trouble with since my parents explained it weirdly to me so this video has helped me

  20. thank you for this video. im 26 and now i understand how chess piece works. haha

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  22. Thank you so much, Coach! I've never thought chess could be learned easily


  24. OMG I know you posted this a long time ago, but you were so helpful I wish you still posted!

  25. My dad taught me when I was a kid. This was a nice easy reminder and clarification . Just watched the Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. Great mini series movie .

  26. He explains it so simply! You are very underrated!

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